Reject HH – PF

there shall be no Armageddon on August 11th

By Nation Reporter

ZAMBIANS should not vote for political leaders who are sacrilegiously predicting Armageddon during and after the 11th August general elections because that would spell doom to the countrys smooth and democratic transition, Jean Kapata has charged.

And Ms Kapata, who is Patriotic Front (PF) elections chairperson, said the ruling party was now aware of the source of funding for former vice president Dr Guy Scott’s parallel emergency convention in Kabwe which anointed Miles Sampa as the president of the ruling party following the death of President Michael Sata.

Ms Kapata, the Tourism and Arts Minister, said in an interview yesterday that it would be politically tragic for Zambians to vote for the UPND into government because of it’s very limited intellectual appreciation of democracy which entailed contestation than a fight to the death between “good and evil” towards inhilation.

“This understanding of politics is very shallow, dangerous and a threat to the well being of the country,” she said.

She said Mr Hichilema was playing dangerous politics for threatening Zambians that unless the UPND was voted into Government, there shall be chaos in the country.

She stated that Zambia had remained a shining example in Africa and other parts of the world for its free, fair, transparent and credible elections as well as their preceding transition processes. She stressed that the UPND was not going to be allowed to plunge the country into turmoil.

Mr Hichilema was recently quoted as having said that Zambians should pray hard ahead of Armageddon on the 11th of August, the date for the general elections.

But Ms Kapata said it was frightening that Mr Hichilema was wishing the worst for the country during the election period. Yet, he was among the political contestants who were wishing to take over the country’s leadership.

She said Mr Hichilema had demonstrated that his desire was to wrestle power from the PF at all cost even if it meant the country being politically torn apart.

“Zambia has had free, fair, transparent and credible elections since the country reverted to multi-party democracy. We have had smooth transition of power and we are not expecting any turmoil. But it is shocking that Mr Hichilema is predicting Armageddon on the 11th August.

‘‘Let him know that is not the will of God. Zambia survived one of the most politically traumatic periods after the demise of President Michael Sata but God’s hand was on us. He guided us and we now have Edgar Lungu as our President. We are going to vote and retain him,” Ms Kapata said.

She said those who were predicting doom for Zambia should be rejected because Zambians valued peace, unity and harmony irrespective of their political differences and diversity.

And Ms Kapata said the ruling party was aware of the source of funding that saw the election of Miles Sampa as president of a parallel PF faction which was opposed to President Lungu from assuming the leadership of the party.

She said at an appropriate time, the ruling party would be able to expose Dr Scott, Mr Sampa and all those who funded a parallel PF convention in Kabwe

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