DOCTOR IN Ritual Killing SAGA?

A qualified medical surgeon may be behind the expert removal of body parts from the victims of suspected ritual murders.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that police are holding the ringleader and surgeon behind the gruesome murders in Lusaka’s George and Zingalume townships.

But Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja has refused to confirm the story as the matter was still under investigation and would be before court next week.

He said discussing the case would jeopardise investigations and deter the apprehension of other suspects who might still be at large.

Sources told the Daily Nation yesterday that the  ritual murders were well-coordinated and those that were at the centre employed a sophiscated, specialised scheme which allowed specific individuals to perform particular tasks according to their ability with the surgeon completing the barbaric act by removing body parts.

The sources said the surgeon is one of the top suspects in the killing spree together with two other senior individuals bringing the number of the suspects in police custody to 12.

“As we disclosed in the first press release, we don’t want to divulge any information that will otherwise jeopardise our investigations but I believe next week there will be something which we will release. People will be taken to court but as it is, let us keep it just like that because we are still investigating,” Mr. Kanganja said.

But some residents of Zingalume said one of the car parks in the area was surrounded on Monday by Police and other security personnel, and that roads were blocked.

“We were ordered to go into our homes but from the window panes, we were able to see people being led into the car park. For 30 minutes, some of the security personnel were in the car park before they left. There was tight security here,” one of the residents said.

Last week, a wave of violence swept through some compounds in Lusaka following an increase in the number of ritual killings with Zambians rioting while others ransacked goods from shops belonging to foreigners.

This forced the foreigners to flee their homes and seek shelter at St. Ignatious Catholic Church in Lusaka in fear for their lives as the situation in their residential areas allegedly became unbearable. They were subsequently repatriated to Mayukwa-yukwa and Maheba Refugee Centres.

Seven people have been murdered since the beginning of March and their body parts removed forcing the police to enforce night patrols in the affected areas. President Edgar Lungu issued a special order to the military to quell the situation in the wake of riots which had broken out.

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