Guy Scott’s havoc


ZAMBIANS sometimes wonder what actually drives Guy Scott’s hatred for President Edgar Lungu.

Dr Scott’s outburst that he will cause havoc in the country in an attempt to remove President Lungu and the Patriotic Front from power, is frightening. Havoc is equated with anarchy and what sort of anarchy will the former republican Vice President instigate to enable him to remove PF from government?

No wonder many Zambians are wondering whether Dr Scott really loves this country he calls his home. Each day that passes his utterances point to the fact that he wants to torch this country and jump ship and watch us scorch to ashes.

He is acting like a man on a mission: a man with nothing to lose.

While as founder of the ruling PF he has a democratic right to choose new friends and political alliances, his choice of friends and threats against the country’s good order should not be ignored as the rantings of a senile old man.

When he says ‘‘we will cause a lot of havoc and diarrhoea for the PF until Edgar is removed’’ he could mean only one thing – violence. Is this the Armageddon we hear about these days which is supposed to occur on or about August 11?

When you listen carefully to GBM, Miles Sampa, HH and  Douglas Siakalima you begin to understand the meaning of Armageddon and that its road map has probably been finalized and is ready for execution.

Few people can fail to grasp the bitterness and venom in Dr Scott words when he says: ‘‘When you see that, then you should know what we are up to,  PF knows what we are capable of doing.’’

No wonder Dan Pule has called on the police to summon Dr Scott for him to explain how he intends to cause the havoc that will result in the removal of President Lungu and the PF from power.

PF national youth chairman Stephen Kampyongo may dismiss Dr Guy Scott’s threats  to kill PF as ‘‘rubbish’’.  He could be wrong.  Forewarned is forearmed. It could be a great mistake for the PF to laugh off these dawning words from a bitter and determined foe.

Yes, Guy Scott may be the  ‘‘most ungrateful’‘ old man on the Zambian political scene for betraying his own party but as far as the other camp is concerned the daggers are drawn and the battle lines clearly marked. They have a mission to accomplish and those who doubt their capability could be making the biggest mistake of their political career.

Since the demise of PF founder and president Michael Sata, Dr Scott has been on a mission. The first was to carry out a soft coup d’etat by stripping Edgar Lungu of his acting presidency. Then he fought hard to ensure the cartel takes over the PF and the country at large.

When he failed he embarked on a ruthless campaign to undermine President Lungu and the ruling party for which he is still member of Parliament for Lusaka Central. Now that he has realized the new President cannot be pushed, intimidated or bought, he has changed his tactics.

Now he wants to cause havoc before, during and after elections to bring about a change of government. By his own admission Guy Scott is planning violence to remove from power an elected government.

With his dual citizenship, it is clear what he will do next when Zambians turn on each other. No doubt Dr Guy Scott is inimical to the security of his own country.

He has said it himself.


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