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I cannot agree more with the sentiments expressed by the former PF Lusaka district youth chairman, Julius Komaki, that Guy Scott, GBM and Miles Sampa were bitter and that their scheme to stop PF president Edgar Lungu from ascending to Zambia’s presidency had miserably collapsed (Daily Nation, April 27, 2016).

The man whom they’ve taunted, teased and even denigrated, since January 2015 when he actually took office, has proven that he’s not the walkover they had thought he was.

In fact, millions of Zambians expected Guy Scott to be the backseat driver of Edgar Lungu’s rule, in a buy-one-get-one-free presidency.

Guy Scott, actually, started behaving that way right after inauguration of Edgar Lungu in January, 2015.

But the quiet man who hails from Chimwemwe, Kitwe, on the Copperbelt would have nothing of it.

He was now the President, not a minister of Defence and Justice any more, and wanted everyone, including Guy Scott, GBM, Miles Sampa and the cartel to know. The friction started from there.

The cartel first wanted Edgar Lungu to arrest a number of former MMD ministers and officials of the previous MMD government, headed by ex-president Rupiah Banda, for alleged corruption and other alleged sins against the State.

A legal practitioner of long standing, Edgar Lungu wanted to make sure that the cases against the alleged sinners were winnable in court.

A quiet man of steel, Edgar Lungu refused to be pushed around by the cartel in Guy Scott’s mission impossible.

That was anathema to the co-founder of the ruling party, Guy Scott, who upped the ante by openly sniping at Edgar Lungu at the least opportunity.

Once, a frustrated Guy Scott even claimed that Edgar Lungu had surrounded himself with a group of “MMD honchos” who allegedly dictated policy.

On the other hand, PF has learned its lessons from January 2015 polls.  President Edgar Lungu has since acknowledged that January 2015 was PF’s worst election time of huge intra-factional divisions and so they lost a lot of votes.

Nevertheless, they have done their post-mortem.

It’s like football and all other games.  This time round they won’t field anyone just to give them a chance. They’ll field the best.

The period from January 2015 to date has also given PF the chance to breathe, regroup and refreshen itself.

The party is now in a better shape to contest an election than in January 2015.

Thus, the UPND will have to do more this time to defeat Edgar Lungu and his PF come August 11.

Mubanga Luchembe,


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