By Sycorax Tiyesa Ndhlovu

Zambians and Zambia Police (ZP) should take particular interest in what some opposition political leaders say against the current government leaders; and some of the warnings they give to Zambians if peace and stability is to be sustained before and after August 11, 2016  general elections.

Worrying are some opposition leaders’ statements that they will reject August 11, 2016 presidential and general elections if United Party for National Development (UPND) doesn’t win in such elections. Coupled to this are numerous threats some UPND’s leaders and their associates have given to President Lungu and to the whole country.

Notably, UPND leader, Hakainde Hichilema (HH) said Zambians should pray hard for the Armageddon after August 11, 2016 presidential and general elections. Who will be fighting in the stated Armageddon? Why Armageddon in Zambia?

Because HH claims that the PF government is conniving with Electoral Commission of Zambia to rig the forthcoming elections in favour of PF, HH and his supporters are on record that they won’t accept the results of the August 11, 2016 elections if they lose.

And reading HH’s warnings of the coming Armageddon after the August 11, elections between the lines, one can conclude that this is an indication that HH and UPND have realised that their chances of winning in the forthcoming elections are nearing zero; and perhaps they know what they are planning against Zambia.

To prove such a speculation, former republican Vice President, Guy Scot said: ‘We will cause havoc for PF until Edgar Lungu and his MMD friends are removed from power again.’ (Post: 28/4/2016; 1). Which havoc will they cause? Will the havoc only apply against President Lungu and PF government leaders or it will spread to all Zambians?

Surprisingly, Mazabuka UPND Member of Parliament (MP), Garry Nkombo, at a rally in Mazabuka said: ‘Let’s all make sure that HH gets it (wins; and gets into State House) because if it fails, we are headed for trouble; we shall be slaughtered.’(Post 26/4/2016; 9). Who is going to slaughter them? Why? HH has been losing presidential elections for four times. Who slaughtered them after each of such losses? No one. Why butcher them now if they lose? And who will kill them if HH loses again?

Analysing what most of such opposition party leaders say, one can quickly conclude that they seem to be highly frustrated with great strides President Lungu and PF government have made to increase on socio-economic infrastructure in many parts of the country which has attracted massive support for President Lungu and his government from many Zambians and their traditional leaders in almost all regions.

It appears, because they know that their chances of becoming victorious in the forthcoming elections are slim, hatred and anger among some opposition leaders is growing at a rapid rate.

From such frustration and anger, HH is envisaging Armageddon after the forthcoming elections. Such warnings are a threat to peace and stability in this country. And Dr Scot’s statement that they will cause havoc for PF until President Lungu and his government are out of office is also a threat both to improving majority Zambians’ living standards and to our peace in that PF is a ruling party; and is trying hard to alleviate high poverty levels through increasing socio-economic infrastructure in all districts.

To learn that Guy Scot and his team will cause havoc for PF and President Lungu makes one deeply concerned because this might not only disturb the current on-going development projects in many districts but might also lead to chaos and bloodshed in many parts of the country.

What havoc will Guy Scot and his friends cause to the PF government? Is what Dr Scot saying in support of what HH warned against the looming Armageddon in Zambia?

It’s what the opposition leaders are saying, doing and what they plan to do before and after August 11, 2016 elections which forces Nkombo to say that if HH loses in the next elections, they will be in trouble. Nkombo knows some of the bad and unfair things most opposition leaders say and not only against President Lungu and the PF government but also against the majority Zambians.

Who told Nkombo that if President Lungu and PF win in the 2016 presidential and general elections, Zambians will slaughter them? It’s also this fear to be butchered which has made such opposition leaders to increase their hatred against President Lungu and the PF government; and try to mobilise some Zambians to ensure that the current government is voted out for them to be safe from the perceived trouble. They have started a war where there is no war at all.

Analytically, it’s not that the same people have a heart for Zambians; but that they fear the imaginary consequences of their strange and cruel attitudes and behaviour against President Lungu, the PF government and against many Zambians.

But interestingly, what HH and Guy Scot warned and said that Zambians should prepare for the Armageddon and that they will cause havoc until President Lungu and PF are removed from power respectively reminds one of what former Lusaka province UPND youth coordinator, Ephraim Shakafuswa said about some unconfirmed UPND ‘secret wing’ to cause political terror before, during and after the August 11, 2016 elections (Daily Nation: 12/4/2016; p.1).

Already, Zambia is experiencing strange ritual murders in some parts of Lusaka. Although it sounds like alarming the nation, Dr Nevers Mumba alleges that some politicians are connected to such ritual murders. Are such ritual murders and causing havoc for PF until it’s out of government part of the Armageddon HH warns Zambians against?

It’s from such a background that a Daily Nation’s Chilanga district reader, Jeremiah Kaira and many others note that Shakafuswa’s revelations on causing political terror against PF government, HH’s Armageddon warning to Zambians and Guy Scot’s statement of causing havoc for PF government appears to bring to light a good clue and connection to some of the strange things some Zambians are experiencing.

Such people have proposed that ZP should invite such opposition leaders to clarify what they mean by such statements before majority Zambians misconstrue them to be connected to many unfortunate developments happening to some Zambians.

Because such statements aren’t coming from intelligence sources; but from the same opposition leaders, if ZP does so to such opposition leaders, it won’t be perceived as political persecution. It’s in public interest. The peace of the country seems to be under threat with such statements.

This is more so because opposition leaders’ checks and balances to the government doesn’t mean careless talk or causing bloodshed in a society. Freedom of expression should be enjoyed within the confines of maintaining peace and stability in a given society.

It seems in Zambia, the issue isn’t poor performance of President Lungu and the PF government. The issue seems to be desperation for power because of the fear of the perceived revenge against such opposition leaders.

Consequently, opposition leaders have started a war against President Lungu and the PF government because the former want to prevent the possible perceived retribution if the latter win in the forthcoming elections.

Therefore, it appears some opposition leaders won’t accept the August 11, 2016 election’s results not because they might be manipulated; but because they fear the perceived negative consequences against them if PF retains power.

As a result, such opposition leaders are doing and seem to be ready to do anything possible to ensure that President Lungu and the PF government are ousted from power.

Such an attitude in democracy; especially if it works against the will of majority citizens is unacceptable. Zambians and ZP shouldn’t allow few people’s selfish and greedy motives to destroy peace and stability Zambia has enjoyed for more than 50 years now.

With all such hatred, sarcastic language, political violence, threats and ritual murders, Zambia is not only losing values of a Christian nation but her peace is also under threat.

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