Scott urged to quit politics


DR GUY Scott must be the last person to talk ill about the Patriotic Front (PF) and MMD because he was part of them;  and should resign from active politics if he has nothing more to offer, says Gallant Youth in Zambia executive director Henry Mulenga.

He said it was unfortunate that Dr Scott, who once served as the republican Vice President, could have the courage to stand at a public rally and de-campaign Government by declaring that he was on a mission to remove PF and MMD from government during this year’s election.

“This is unfortunate and ungrateful to the people of Zambia, and the worst thing he could ever do.

“Dr Scott must step down from active politics if he is tired because he appears to have run out of ideas and instead is cheating the people of Zambia,” he said. He said endorsing a party was not a guarantee that it was going to win, but that the powers to decide were vested in the Zambian people.

Mr Mulenga said the bitterness among some of the rebel PF members left much to be desired and showed that those were the people who caused confusion to the party. He challenged the PF to censure Dr Scott and take disciplinary action against him to deter people from talking ill of the party with the intention dividing the country.

“Those who do not see any good that the PF has done must stop issuing alarming statements that are bound to deceive people because of their bitterness.

“Zambia deserves leaders who talk the language of nation-building and not hypocrites who base their statements on personal interest,” he said.

‘‘In case Dr Scot has forgotten, it was MMD that made him hold a diplomatic passport when he first became Member of Parliament and Cabinet minister.

‘‘When the PF came into power, the late President Michael Sata appointed him Vice President. What else does Dr Scott want,’’ Mr Mulenga asked.

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