Mulenga Sata thrives on family dynasty


If I were Mulenga Sata, I would not make such a self-damaging decision like the one he has made by defecting to the UPND.

It is well known that Mulenga Sata’s political career thrived much on his father’s name; on his own Mulenga Sata cannot survive a five-year term in the opposition.

He lacks love for the people, maturity, focus, respect and leadership quality that can make people follow him.

It was laughable for him to say he cannot be in the same party with Dora Siliya because she used to call his father names but at the same time he has joined the party whose leader called his father a Chimbwi (hyena) with no plans.

What hypocrisy! He seems to have a problem with new-comers into the PF yet he is a newcomer in UPND; so should the UPND old members join PF because he and his friends from PF have hijacked the UPND and he calls that a principle?  Does he still remember how Sylvia Masebo undressed his father  at a rally in Mtendere in 2006 but his father accepted her into PF in 2011 and made her chairperson of elections of the Patriotic Front and later appointed her minister of tourism.

Has he forgotten that the same UPND started disclosing what was kept as a secret that he presented a fake Grade 12 certificate to ECZ and when it was discovered he withdrew his application for an executive mayor just last week?

Mulenga Sata should learn to make his own decisions. He must stop listening to the former vice president Guy Scott. I’m sure, had he consulted the elderly people within the Sata family even in the village, he would have been advised to remain loyal to PF and President Edgar Lungu who has treated him like a prince.

But I’m alive to the fact that Edgar’s heart for Sata’s family and particularly to the orphans Mulenga and his siblings will earn him loving kindness and abundant blessings from God Jehovah.

What I’m sure of is that Mulenga will not get the VIP treatment in UPND that the PF gave him on account of his father.

They say ‘‘Ukakhala pabwino poipa paitana”.  UPND are desperate to create a perception that PF is dwindling by parading defectors from PF before the cameras.

PF members should continue to mobilise the grassroots and leave the politics of press conferences to the UPND.

The reasons Mulenga Sata has given for leaving the PF are childish and should not make them lose the focus, hard work pays.

Let us not demonise him but just remind him of how the people he and Guy Scott have joined even went out of their way to hold a press conference to denounce his father as a dictator in a foreign land in South Africa. We wish him well.

Enock Chulu


The shame of defectors

It is said “Never call a forest that protects or protected you, a bush”.

What we have in today’s politics is the exact opposite of the above proverb.

My late grandfather, Mr. Baron Mukupa Snr, used to say, “old is gold” in reference to politics of yester years.

He would say, politicians in those days used to be so passionate about politics and the wellbeing of the Zambian people.

They would even put their lives on the line so that the people benefit.

If he were alive today, I am sure he would say, “old is gold, new is doomed” in reference to politics and politicians of today.

They will do anything and everything shameful just so they can fatten their pockets including defecting from one party to another. And they will only speak ill or condemn a party after they defect from it.

It’s like when they defect that’s when their five senses are set free for them to know and understand how bad the former party is or was.

Take for example Shakafuswa. When he ditched the UPND for PF, he started calling HH and the UPND tribal.

Miles Sampa after ditching the PF he vowed to expose PF.

Now that Mulenga Sata has ditched the PF for UPND, watch as he condemns PF and the Government as if he was never one of them.

And when the dust settles, we can then conclude that ‘‘politics is a dirty game, its players dirtier’’.

Troy Mukupa.

Curbing sexual offences

Zambian prisons are now congested due to the increase in the number of convicted sexual offenders than common criminals.

This shows that sexual offences are on the rise and need to be curbed.

Most sexual offences in Zambia have a mandatory sentence that does not give the courts of law discretion to exercise leniency on the offenders.

The long sentences for offences such as defilement are meant to act as a deterrent to would-be offenders and retribution on the convict.

However, this seems not to be working as more and more people are being prosecuted and convicted every year. Sexual offences can either be an abuse or assault. Sexual abuse is when a person is abused by a person they know e.g. a school girl abused by her teacher.

Sexual assault is when someone is abused by a stranger. The most common sexual abuses/assaults in Zambia are rape, defilement and sexual harassment.

Rape is having carnal knowledge without the consent of that person. Defilement is having sexual intercourse with a minor or any person below the age of 16 with or without their consent.

Sexual harassment is doing or saying something sexual in nature to another person even when you know that the other person is not interested.

In Zambia today a lot of sexual offences are being reported to law enforcement agencies due to the increase in sensitization programmes.  This has helped in the prosecution and conviction of offenders.

Physical tactics of fighting back when someone is attacked help to curb sexual offences. Apart from helping to keep our females fit and healthy, karate and judo teaches self-defence skills.

Females must take keen interest in learning these survival skills. Also tactics such as screaming loud for help can help to deter an attack or get help from people nearby.

Moreover, females must avoid situations that makes them vulnerable to attacks e.g. avoiding using bush paths alone, avoiding getting  lifts from strangers, avoiding being in a lonely place, putting on clothes that are difficult to be removed by an attacker and avoiding situations that leaves a male and female alone in the house.

Children are more vulnerable as they cannot fight back and sometimes do not even know what is happening to them.

We all have a role to play in curbing sexual offences in our society by being good role models against vices that corrupt the morals of our society.

Wisdom Kaunda


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