RB, Nevers reconcile


FORMER president Rupiah Banda says he holds no grudge against MMD leader Nevers Mumba adding that he would never fight him because he considered him as his own son.

And Mr. Banda has praised the church for taking the initiative to foster reconciliation among party members to bring about unity in the former ruling party saying it was in the nation’s best interest that the party continued to exist.

Speaking after a reconciliation meeting called by Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) chairman Bishop Pukuta Mwanza, Northmead Assemblies of God overseer Bishop Joshua Banda and Reverend Father Chilinda of the Roman Catholic Church,  Mr. Banda said that MMD was not born to be destroyed and that those who were running away from the party due to the challenges that it was facing were simply cowards who feared that they would lose an election.

He said no one should allow the democracy that the forefathers fought for to be eroded by the differences in opinion because MMD was a democratic party and divergent views should be allowed while denying allegations that he was causing confusion in the party saying he was too old to be fighting with his son.

“I just want to say that I am grateful to the three religious leaders for they have taken time out of their busy schedules in order to sit down my brother and I in order to talk to each other. This is a long overdue meeting as you may be aware that we must have met some time back.

“MMD was not born to be destroyed. It was born to exist for as long as the people of this country want it. Whatever decision we will make, we must be brave enough. We must not allow the democracy that our parents, our forefathers fought for elude us,” Mr. Banda said.

OPPOSITION Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) yesterday opened a new chapter when former republican president Rupiah Banda and MMD leader Nevers Mumba resolved their differences and reconcociled after a spirited intervention by appointed mediators.

The reconciliation was  marked by  a public affirmation by Mr. Banda of the MMD leadership led by Dr. Mumba.

The reconciliation talks, which collapsed a few months ago, were re-started by the mediators – Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) chairman  Bishop Pukuta Mwanza , Northmead Assembilies of God overseer Bishop Dr Joshua Banda  and Father  Charles Chilinda of St. Ignitius Catholic Church – and were held at the EFZ offices yesterday morning.

Commenting on the turn of events, Dr. Mumba said that the MMD was one big family which stood ready to make a contribution to the governance  of Zambia.

He said, going forward,  the party would ensure that a deliberate path was creacted  to make sure that all aggrieved members who wished to return and make a contribution through the MMD and its leadership were amicably brought on board.

The MMD leadership made a commitment to any further discussions as need arose to ensure that the reconciliation brokered yesterday was firmly cemented.

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