Ritual murder suspects to appear in court soon-police


The police have assured the nation that suspected ritual killers will soon appear in court and appealed to the relatives of the victims to be patient to allow the law take its course.

Police spokesperson Charity Chanda yesterday told the Daily Nation that police would soon announce the dates the suspects would be taken to court.

But this has not augured well with some relatives who have accused the police of leaving them in the dark over the matter.

They said police should stop playing hide and seek games over the trial of the suspected criminals because they had the right to know when the matter would be taken to court so that they could be able to attend the court sessions.

One of the relatives of the deceased Zechariah Sikapizye complained that from the time official complaints were lodged, police had never given them any updates on the same.

“We are in the dark. We don’t know what is going on and now we are depending on the media for updates. Yet, we are the first people affected. All we want to know is when these people will go to court; is that too much for the police to do? “We want to know the truth about the death of our relatives and we are wondering why they want to keep it top secret. Our relatives are dead and we want justice to prevail but how are we going to know that the suspects will have received a fair trial or not if we miss court sessions. We are not blaming the police for the killings. We are complaining about keeping us in the dark,” Mr. Sikapizye said.

Another relative Mr Boniface Chipoya said the police needed to open the lines of communication with the relatives so that they could be aware of any new developments over the matter. Mr. Chipoya said relying on the media reports for updates was widening the gap between the police and the families concerned.

“We want to attend these court sessions but if we are not updated by the police, how are we going to know? We are now depending on the media for the latest and we are indebted to the Daily Nation for the updates.

“Last week we read in your paper that the Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja said the suspects will go to court this week and now the same police is saying they will announce soon. How soon is that soon? This could be any day; it could even take a week or month. We want a definite date,” Mr. Chipoya said.

A horrifying spate of suspected ritual killings were followed by horrendous attacks on foreign nationals characterised by looting of their businesses by Zambians after rumours that the suspected ritual killings were perpetrated by foreign nationals.

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