EFZ backs Bill of Rights

THE Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) says the bill of rights in its current form should be supported in the referendum as it addresses the fundamental issues that are in line with the Church’s historical values, Christian faith and morality.

According to a communiqué on the bill of rights signed by EFZ executive director Reverend Pukuta Mwanza, the church leaders established their common positions over appreciating the significance and the importance of the bill.

Rev. Mwanza said the leaders acknowledged the human life and every person’s right to life which began at conception in line with the fundamental Biblical truth. He said they observed that the family which was a fundamental unit of the society should be founded on the basis of individuals of 18 years of age or older who had the right to choose a spouse of the opposite sex and marry.

“The leaders establishes that upholding the fact that  a person shall not deprive an unborn child of life by termination of pregnancy except in accordance with the conditions laid down by appropriate legislation,” Re. Mwanza said.

The clergyman further said leaders recognised the need for  the protection of children and young people from various forms of danger and abuses such as occupational or employment which would prejudice the young person’s health. Rev. Mwanza said allowing citizens to enjoy their fundamental rights in a democracy entailed the protection of their freedom of assembly and association so that no one was hindered from assembling freely.

He said the leaders observed that providing free education up to Grade 12 by Government would give equal opportunities to every Zambian to meet the maximum educational requirement when one aspired for leadership to an elected office.

Rev. Mwanza also said the church leaders had pledged to mobilise churches and the public countrywide to vote in support of the bill of rights if not altered in its current form.

“Should the final bill of rights be changed from the one in the draft constitution of Zambia of 2014, then EFZ will reconsider its position after reviewing the final bill to be presented at the referendum,” he said.

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