Preach peace, Church prodded


Church leaders should always preach peace and unity as the country goes to the polls in August this year, Vice President Inonge Wina has said.

And Mrs Wina has given K20, 000 cash and pledged 50 pockets of cement towards the completion of the United Church of Zambia (UCZ) Dambwa Central congregation in Livingstone.

Meanwhile, UCZ Western Presbytery Acting Bishop Akufuna Akafekwa has called for peace during and after this year’s elections. Mrs. Wina said Zambia remained a Christian nation and as such the country had continued to be a haven of peace in the region.

Speaking in Livingstone during a fundraising service for the UCZ Dambwa Central congregation yesterday, Mrs. Wina said politics should not divide Zambians because even the son of God, Jesus, used to preach love and peace.

“We, therefore, have to carry on loving one another as brothers and sisters. Let us carry on preaching our motto of ‘One Zambia, One nation’ in all our walks of life including in our church,” she said.

Mrs. Wina observed that the UCZ had made valuable contributions to the Zambian community and government over the years since its establishment in 1965.

She said the church had set up education and health institution which had emphasised the value and character development which many people including her had benefited from.

“I wish to confirm that I am what I am today because of my UCZ background. The church training, be it at school or church, was heavily hinged on moral and character development. For this, I say thank you UCZ,” she said.

“The UCZ has paid particular attention to the development of the youth in this country through organised activities for them, like leadership development programmes, musical activities for girls and Boys Brigade.

“This has of course helped to mould the young people into responsible citizens by keeping the youth off the streets where illicit activities abound,” said Mrs. Wina.

Mrs. Wina then gave K20, 000 cash and pledged 50 pockets of cement towards the completion of the UCZ Dambwa Central congregation which is under construction in Livingstone.

Bishop Akafekwa called for peace during this year’s elections. He said peace was a key component in life and must not be taken for granted by people as they might not understand it.

“The church considers peace during and after elections. We only have one Zambia. When a person in this country hears a gunshot, instead of running way, they run to where the shots have been fired. This is because we don’t know what is meant by war,” he said.

Bishop Akafekwa said the church would not be shy to invite the President, the Vice President or any politicians to come to the aid of the church’s need.

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