Sanctimonious bigots


How many Zambians drink alcohol?

Are they drunkards? Our sanctimonious political bigots will say so as they wallow in their fallacious and egoistical stupor.

They are so shallow-minded as not to know that  that one of the most callous and vicious mass butchers of the world, Adolf Hitler, was a teetotaler who never  took a single sip of alcohol, but pursued a single-minded  resolve to exterminate the Jewish race in the most vicious, cruel and heartless manner – the gas chambers of Auschwitz.

Victims of the gas scratched walls with bare nails, overcome by the extreme effects of gas in their dying throes in the gas chamber.

Later their bodies were incinerated in massive crematoriums. This is the history of Nazi Germany which cannot be wished away. It is a reality, and at the heart of it, a sworn teetotaler.

We have in this country our own teetotaler sociopaths who have driven many people to their early graves. They ignore their multi-billion Kwacha thefts from Zambian people by standing on an ill-fitting pedestal of righteousness in the guise of fighting against corruption.

The reality is that some of the best leaders of the world Winston Churchill, Thomas Jefferson and Franklin Roosevelt did not shy away from alcohol.

This is not an ode to the tipple but an indignant rebuff against sanctimonious political bigots who consider themselves holier than others on account of abstaining.

Catholic priests swear more demanding vows, than teetotalers but do not go around calling married people adulterers and fornicators.

To suggest that people who drink are bereft of leadership qualities while those who do not are eminently qualified to lead in a non-sequitor because  the conclusion does not follow from the premises. Logical construction has failed.

Adolf Hitler did not drink. He was a teetotaler and yet he has gone down in history as the greatest dictator and butcher. He is the man who wrote of the Jews, Rational anti-Semitism must lead to systematic legal opposition. Its final objective must be the removal of the Jews altogether.

Writing in Mein Kampf he says the Jews were the destroyer of culture, a parasite within the nation, and a menace which he proceeded to try and eradicate. He made a very conscious, cold and heartless decision to exterminate them in the most cruel and savage manner possible.

On the contrary most outstanding world leaders took alcohol.

According to the Telegraph, Churchill, one of UKs most revered leaders, started each morning with a Papa Cocktail a chunky glass of whisky which he watered down throughout the day a habit honed during his time in South Africa covering the Boer War. The water being unfit to drink, he wrote, one had to add whisky and, by dint of careful application, I learned to like it.

Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR), the American president of the New Deal fame, was reportedly a global missionary of the Martini. When he ended Prohibition in 1933, he celebrated with a Martini made with Tanqueray gin and, during his long stint in the White House, he insisted on a dedicated Martini hour every day, serving it up using his own special set of silver shakers.

Thomas Jefferson, also Americas president and it says, was the original wine nerd that was instrumental in establishing America as a leading winemaking nation, indeed George Washington illegally imported rum and built his own brewery and distillery when he retired.

Equally many Zambians drink. It will be recalled that at one stage former President Kenneth Kaunda threatened to resign on account of national inebriation, few if any took heed to the extent that this industry has become one of the most lucrative.

There is no doubt that a very significant number of voters are not teetotalers, therefore casting general aspersions for personal preference is not only inadvisable but an exercise in wasteful egocentrism and a slur to those who do. 

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