Stop using Sata’s name, UPND warned


By Nation Reporter

THE Patriotic Front (PF) has warned the quartet of Guy Scott, Mulenga Sata, Miles Sampa and Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba to immediately stop using the name of late president Michael Sata to campaign for the UPND and Hakainde Hichilema.

PF elections chairperson Jean Kapata said the ruling party was aware that disgruntled former leaders of the ruling party were using the name of late president Sata to campaign.

Ms Kapata disclosed that Dr Scott, Mulenga Sata, Mr Sampa, Mr Mwamba and other leaders who recently defected to the UPND were going into the PF strongholds and were using the name of Mr Sata to campaign for Mr Hichilema.

She said in an interview that the four should immediately stop from going to the areas where the PF was strong to campaign for their party and Mr Hichilema using the name of late president Sata.

Ms Kapata declared should Dr Scott, Mr Sampa, Mulenga Sata and Mr Mwamba refuse to stop from visiting the areas where the PF was strong, the ruling party would have no option but to physically stop them.

She explained that the UPND and Mr Hichilema demonised and abused late president Sata and his style of governance and it was therefore morally and politically not correct to adopt the name of the late president as their campaign tool.

“As the PF, we want to tell Guy Scott and his friends, Miles Sampa, Mulenga Sata and Mr Mwamba to stop using late president Sata’s name and legacy when campaigning in areas where the PF is strong. We know they have been going to our strongholds and campaigning using Mr Sata’s name and legacy and this is not correct. The UPND and its leader demonised and abused our late president in all manner and they cannot be allowed to adopt his name as their campaign tool. If they will not stop, let them be ready that we are going to do it ourselves,” Ms Kapata said.

And Ms Kapata has lashed out at a report in the Post Newspaper that it was the PF cadres that had provoked the UPND cadres in Matero which led to violent clashes between the two camps.

She said all the pictures that were published in the Post Newspaper only showed UPND cadres throwing an assortment of ammunition at the police officers who had gone to quell the violence yet the report was alleging that it was the PF cadres that caused the violence.

She stated that the truth was that the UPND had always been a violent political party and that the violence that occurred in Matero was started by the opposition political party.

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