FAZ SG selection biased – Simataa

By Nation Reporter

FOOTBALL Association of Zambia (FAZ) president Andrew Kamanga must review the selection process for the position of general secretary in the interest of fair play, ethical conduct and transparency, says football administrator Simataa Simataa.

Simataa, who has been vetted from the final list of applicants for the job on reported account that he did not have a Grade 12 certificate, said there have been innuendos in the media about his academic qualifications and has  appealed to Kamanga to review the selection process in the interest of justice.

“I call upon the president of FAZ to review this whole process in the interest of fair play, ethical conduct and transparency,” he said.

He said that the selection process had subjected all the pro-Andrew Kamanga applicants like Ponga Liwewe, Adrian Chishala and himself to negative reporting as well as innuendos concerning their qualifications and if they were suitable for the position.

Simataa accused FAZ vice president Richard Kazala of having ‘‘attacked’’ him by claiming that he (Simataa) could not apply for the position because he had a disciplinary case after speculative reports that he had been appointed general secretary and that four weeks had passed and Kazala has not retracted his statement in the media despite proving that there was no such disciplinary issue outstanding. He wondered how details of shortlisted candidates made their way into the media even before a final decision was made of who could be general secretary

“Was this a public interview where details of the shortlisted candidates as well as interviews have made their way into the press before a final decision on who becomes the next general secretary is made?” he asked.

Simataa said that he had hoped for professionalism in the selection process but that it was full of mistrust and he felt unjustly treated.

On reports that he had failed to produce the required Grade 12 certificate to the interviewing panel, Simataa said that he had sent FAZ a school leavers’ certificate (Form 5) which was equivalent to a Grade 12 certificate.

“Please, be reminded that at the time I was sitting for my secondary leavers’ examinations, there was no Grade 12 but Form 5. ‘‘I feel unjustly treated. I entered this process with the hope to see professionalism but alas, it has left me full of mistrust,’’ he said.

He said that following the election of Kamanga as president of FAZ, he thought it was the time to hold hands together, rebuild and focus on developing Zambian football but that the football battles he  thought were over, were now back to haunt the football fraternity.

The Post newspaper of 9th May, 2016 published a story about the inside story of the FAZ interviews, claiming that Simataa did not possess a Grade 12 certificate. Defeat is a minor setback – Chiyangi

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