HH and the cartel


It is surprising to see the cartel being embraced by HH. These are the people who have destroyed the party because they are desperate politicians without direction. HH will live to regret because they will cost him the elections.

E. Soko, Lusaka.



Watch your tongue Mumbi Phiri


PF does not support hate speech. Mumbi Phiri should not dent the name of PF with her bad language towards Christine and Mulenga Sata. She is a well-respected mother who should also learn to respect other people. PF does not take pride in bad language. Madam, you need to tame your tongue. You are supposed to be helping my President to retain his throne on August 11 like you have always been doing.

Newton Yambayamba,



No violence during campaign period


Permit me to express my views on the Inter-party dialogue which was called for by the Catholic Priests to end violence in the political arena. The resolutions have tremendously reduced cases of political violence. As the campaigns begin on May 16, I appeal to every Zambian especially my fellow youths never to be used as tools for violence by politicians who should concentrate on issue-based campaigns. So, let us be peaceful and build on a foundation of love and respect.

Chitamuka Joel,




The Grade 12 certificate matter


There are great men and women who have integrity to be leaders but don’t have Grade 12 certificate. Why should you deny them chance to contribute to the governance of the nation? There are so many undeserving people with university degrees who have been allowed to destroy our nation. I urge all Zambians to rise up to the challenge and let qualified persons lead our nation.

Concerned Zambian



Defectors are unusable, unpatriotic lot


President Edgar C. Lungu is a good and peaceful man. Only those with selfish desires don’t like him because he is not a puppet. I wonder why some people are defecting to the opposition political parties. Yes, it is their political right but we need politicians with ideologies who believe in what they say not those who go where the wind is blowing.  Let them emulate Given Lubinda who is a true patriotic. And if any government was to come to power, people like him are on demand.

Concerned Zambian.

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