I’ll thump them-Lungu


GUY Scott and Miles Sampa along with other people were against my candidature in the January 2015 presidential election but we thumped them and they will again be humiliated in the coming general elections, President Edgar Lungu has said.   

And President Lungu has said certain media houses in Zambia would have been closed had he been draconian in the governance of the country but that they had remained operational because he respects the doctrine of free press.

President Lungu said he was confident he was going to be re-elected because Zambians had now known him and were appreciating the developmental programmes the Patriotic Front (PF) was undertaking.

President Lungu said former Vice President Scott was strongly against his candidature after the death of President Michael Sata but that God had ordained him (President Lungu) and Zambians in their resolve had made him President.

Answering questions from journalists at a press conference at State House yesterday, President Lungu said Dr Scott, Mr Sampa and Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba who have defected from the ruling party would be obliterated from the political scene after the August general elections.

The President said he had been elected sixth President because Zambians wanted him and that he had earned the trust of the electorates to be re-elected in the coming general elections.

The President said he was enjoying his presidency because he felt secure with the confidence and support he was receiving from Zambians and that the opposition political parties should be ready for a crushing defeat that would obliterate most of their leaders.

“You want me to talk about Guy Scott…what should I say? Those people were against us in the 2015 presidential election and we thumped them. I will now humiliate them… I will obliterate them from the political scene. I was obscure before I became President but now the electorates know us well and I feel sorry for those who are fighting to bring me down because they will never succeed; I believe in God,’’  President Lungu said.  And President Lungu said he was feeling sorry for journalists working for media houses whose editors were dictators and despots in the manner they were managing their newspapers.

He said some editors were so oppressive that journalists were not free to gather and write stories professionally and ethically.

The President said the media as the fourth estate plays a critical role in the governance of the country and it was, therefore, important for both the opposition and the ruling party to respect and protect journalists.

“I feel sorry for journalists who gather and write stories but cannot even recognise their own story the following day because their editors have massacred it. Some editors of some newspapers are dictators and despots and they make journalists work under very oppressive conditions. There is a media house that would have stopped existing if I was going to be draconian,” President Lungu said.

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