Mr Hichilema; are you sure things will change?

By Professor Mwiine Lubemba

I’ll tell you why I ask; I was amongst the many chemical, mechanical, electrical, civil, structural, mining, metallurgical and geological engineers and scientists that worked with Mr Anderson Mazoka in 2000 and came up with a draft industrial revolution plan for Zambia. What has happened to that document? Have you lost it? OMG!

I’m also aware there were many other professional economists and social scientists that worked on the economic model and the final manifesto, it was like Andy interacted with several Zambian in the background, even those who hated each other’s guts didn’t know he was tapping on each of their knowledge base. He was a strategist.

But it would appear you’ve hurriedly accepted defectors from the PF, what will you do with all these people, most of whom are self-confessed non- grade 12 certificate holders, coming to join you? Are you sure they’ll assist you change things for the better or you’ll let them continue doing what they know best—the politics of retribution—while the nation backslides into oblivion as usual?

I say this, because most of the fellows coming from the PF have no idea what the UPND was set to achieve except they say they’re coming to get rid of Lungu and the PF from power and once they achieve that score, have you asked them what else they’ll be able to do next for the UPND and nation? I doubt you’ve.

You see Mr Hichilema, that’s the problem you’ll face. These people will soon after they get rid of Lungu become frustrated.

They’ll be incapable of thinking beyond Lungu and once their bellies are filled with free government hand outs, they will now resort to planning to get rid of you from presidency! That’s what they know best and it’s the reason they’re leaving the PF, MMD and so many other political groupings. It’s because they’re idle and irrelevant in those political parties. Believe me!

I’ll bet you my entire wallet -Mr Hichilema. You can right away ask Dr Guy Scott, whom I’m told is an economist, what is the best and easiest way to develop Zambia’s ailing economy and I can assure you he’ll come up with the usual silly politically oriented macro and micro-economic solutions other than hard proven physical solutions. This is because these people, despite being economists, have no idea how economies work and develop.

To most of these defectors, politics is all about having political offices and pomp and thereafter they have no clue what else to do but give lip service to ending poverty, and unemployment. They’ll advocate for minimum wages and they may even promise utopian things like “heaven on earth” yet again. They’re simply cheap  out dated- politicians not worthy of your time in this 21st scientific century. At the end of your first term, should you be elected this August, it’ll be back to square one—and another political party will have enough grounds to plant seeds of discontent that’ll germinate and emerge to de-campaign the UPND based on your lacklustre track record.

But if your aim is to merely get rid of the PF then again, this discussion may as well end here and I’ll be pleased to pen off. On the other hand, if you really mean well and you seriously want to come and develop this economy, then I’ll urge you to rethink your political strategy on accepting defectors—Ok, you can get those grade 12 failures with a solid constituency base and not those who merely won the elections ridding on late President Sata saddle (you know who) but get those who have solid voter bases—yes–and most of all get to that Anderson Mazoka industrial revolution document and speak to it at your political rallies.

You’ll find like old man Andy you’ll have no time to speak vulgar language to any of your political opponents. But again, you’ll have another problem, most of the PF defectors with so little education on their hands; will continue on their vulgar track—because that’s what they know best. I’m afraid; you’ll have a delicate balance to strike.

Most likely Mr Anderson Mazoka’s development ideas were not kept at the secretariat and maybe lost and you’re now anxious to know what’s contained in this industrial revolution document I keep referring to. Don’t worry; we’ll get to its detailed salient points another day. For now, just keep reading.

But first, let me tell you something you seem to have missed about Dr. Guy Scott. Don’t you think it’s strange that he can now turn round and say it’s Lungu who has destroyed the economy? Can you imagine that?

This is the Guy who only 4 years ago was in the forefront of campaigning and telling the youths he will fill their pockets with more money and give them more jobs and told all of us we’ll pay fewer taxes? Didn’t you and I, Mr Hichilema, tell Scott and Mr Sata it was not possible?

The guy has now joined your camp, do you know what more lies is he going to campaign on? Promises that are likely to come and embarrass you because you’ll be unable to fulfil them. What makes you think next time he damps the UPND to join the FDD, UNIP, or ADD or when the DF is finally registered with your assistance as president he won’t turn round and say—You see, we told Hichilema he would destroy the economy— just because you’ll then have seen through his lies and parted company?

Watch the space Mr Hichilema, the only campaign promises this Guy will come up with is to blame Edgar Lungu for everything for his own failed promises. The Guy is supposed to be an economist and he claims to have been good friends with late President Sata, but he failed to warn his good friend that what they were promising the youths was impossible Bu***t! Now Edgar Lungu has to deal with the mess they left behind.

I know you agree with me Mr Hichilema, because that’s why you, perhaps, even told him he was “the most stupid white man.” Don’t forget in 2011 you were in a three way race and because of Guy Scott’s lies to the Zambian youths, you came in third place in that election. To date there are no jobs to talk about and there is no money in people’s pockets but this guy has decided to abandon ship before the lies catch up with him.

That’s why he joined you. And he thinks he’s clever.

Remember this is the Guy who after defecting to join you said “most stupid white man remark never hurt me?” How can someone agree that “he is the most stupid white man?” By the way Mr Hichilema, would you not be hurt if someone said “you’re the most stupid black man?” I bet you would! But Guy Scott represents a toxic mix of demagoguery and mean-spiritedness and nonsense that will lead the UPND to perdition if pursued.

Lest you’re thrown off by the alliteration, “perdition” means eternal damnation in Hell.

Guy Scott has since had an epiphany, selling his political soul for a seat on the UPND-Hichilema Train. He even says “I will not run for the Lusaka Central again because I will be going round the country to ensure that the DF and UPND alliance wins. I will devote my time to talking to the people across Zambia.” What for?  He thinks we can’t see through his plot?

Have you promised Guy Scott or is he hopping to become your running mate? — which by the way would make him a co-pilot leading us down the tracks to Hell. (Can I blow the whistle Mr Hichilema?).

And I really have pity on you Mr Hichilema. Can you imagine leaving out GBM for Guy Scott as your running mate? GBM will insult you for the rest of your presidency and most likely demand his many million he has spent on organizing the party back. Why else do you think he is in the party and spending lavishly for?

And don’t be fooled Mr Hichilema, Guy Scott was supporting Miles Sampa in the 2015 PF presidential race and he still does—definitely not joined the UPND to support you. That’s why Guy and Sampa decided to ride on the UPND train for the time being as they organise themselves for the 2021 elections. Just take a look at how desperate these chaps had become—as the intrim President, he even wrote a letter to the acting Chief Justice to try and influence the PF presidency adoption process:-

“The letter I wrote to the Chief Justice was not ordering her, it was merely warning her that there was a dispute over who was the dully elected PF President because I didn’t want a situation where two candidates arrive at the nomination centre claiming that they have been adopted and needed to tell her that we had a problem within the PF.”

Why would Guy Scott be WARNING the Chief Justice as if she was really dumb- not smart enough to be able to verify the validity of candidacy of the individuals before nomination took place? Guy Scott was lying through the teeth!

To take his words literally, Guy Scott wants to make a deal with the person whom not long ago, he called the devil (UPND-Hichilema). In this war on cancer, Guy Scott wants to help cancer win “anyway I can.”

Yes you may come to win, Mr Hichilema, but just think of the demands that will befall you. These people will always remind you that without them you could not be President. You’ll be a captive president! I promise you.

Guy Scott is far from alone in his hypocrisy. With the exception Kambwili, Chikwanda, Kasonde, Katema, Inonge, Chama, Mwila, Dora, Vincent Mwale, Mumbi Phiri, Jean Kapata, Mukanga and a handful of others (including I hope—new entrants such as Katele Kalumba and many others), these few disgruntled PF members are for the most part bending their knees to you their new King, proving that much of the “PF establishment” should have been disbanded immediately Lungu became president in 2015 because it is exactly as craven as you claimed Mr Hichilema.

But if you remember Mr Hichilema, we were on this very topic long before immediately after the 2011 elections when you and I and most of other UPND members doubted the leadership quality of some PF MPs. So what has changed now for you to pick on the same people whose leadership qualities you despised? Are you not surprised each time any such member defects, the PF bosses say “he is not a factor?”

It so happens those still in the PF who do not yield can hear the executioner’s axe sharpening against the wheel.

He said he’ll match the PF kwacha for kwacha to defeat anyone’s re-election bid this August. “Their political career is over,” Mwamba said on radio and TV news.

He’ll probably fail, Mr Hichilema, but the message is clear. The litmus test in the new UPND- coalition boils down to loyalty, not to a principle or conviction, but to a man: You-Mr Hichilema.

True all these people defecting from the PF may win you this election, but what about the economy, will they be able to help you boost it? Didn’t you, not long ago, say these same people joining you had failed? What’s different this time? Remember what Albert Einstein said about insanity?

“Doing the same thing over and- over and expecting a different result?” By using these PF defectors, most- without grade 12 certificates, are you seriously expecting  to see a different result in the economy? Are you sure things will change- Mr Hichilema?

Just a thought,


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