Election officers and ECZ allowances


I wish to remind ECZ to look into the revision of allowances ahead of the forthcoming elections. These officers suffer a lot but what they get is too little and in some districts they are under-paid. This time there will be even the referendum. Please make it public so that people know what they will suffer for. Also look at the difference in allowances between polling officers, assistant polling officers, ushers etc. 

Lusaka resident 


Who will save us from PF cadres?


I want to express my disappointment over the behaviour PF cadres in Soweto who were forcing us to go to their rally in Kalundu. They were saying they would grab our stands if we did not attend the rally. Is that the way we shall live under PF? Why are they behaving like that? Who will save us from this situation? God help us because their leaders don’t understand.

Concerned citizen


How can President become rain maker?


Some of us wonder that even a straight forward matter like load shedding some people say the President has failed. Since when did Presidents become rain makers? It is unfortunate that well educated men think that load shedding can go away with a mere change of leadership.  When shall we  start thinking in a mature way and  articulate real issues?

C. Mbale, Lusaka 

Zambia does not belong to HH


HH must realize that Zambia does not belong to him. He will be surprised what will happen to him after losing the elections this August should he instigate his minions to cause violence. Zambians are watching him and his actions very closely.

Concerned Zambian

Reduction in load shedding commendable


The reduction in load shedding from 1,000 to 400 megawatts next month as announced by President Edgar Lungu is commendable. This is because the reduction in load shedding will result in the increase of copper production. Full copper production will ultimately lead to creation of more jobs in the mining sector  which had witnessed massive job losses in recent  past. It will also attract investment in the sector.

Elemiya Phiri

Why UPND cannot win


I can see clearly why it is being prophesized that UPND will lose this year’s election. Those who joined the party on Friday last week are the same MPs who endorsed HH in the January elections of 2015 and he lost. UPND has a big task to convince at  least seven provinces to vote for them, which is not easy. Their failure to articulate real issues, threats of war from the  top leadership and the ‘‘inchintu chintu umwene’’ concept will definitely work against them. So UPND  get ready for another loss this year.

Ephraim, Ndola

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