PF is winning, says Kapata

THE Patriotic Front (PF) is beaming with confidence of emerging victorious in the August 11 general elections but has appealed to the Zambia Police to effectively deal with political violence so that Zambians can vote without fear or intimidation.

PF chairperson for elections Jean Kapata said President Edgar Lungu was destined to remain in State House because of the kind of leadership he had provided and the massive infrastructure that was being implemented across the country.

Ms Kapata said in an interview here yesterday that the ruling party was not worried about the coming general elections because President Lungu had managed to cultivate trust among Zambians in the one and half years he had been in State House.

She said the PF struggled to make President Lungu win the January 2015 presidential election because of the wrangles that engulfed the ruling party after the death of president Michael Sata.

Ms Kapata said the opposition political parties in the January 2015 presidential election had the pleasure of more than 120 days to criss-cross the country in their campaigns while the PF was fighting with former vice-president Guy Scott whose schemes was to force his preferred candidate on Zambians.

She said  the PF was happy that it was starting the campaigns for the August general elections on an equal footing with the opposition and that it had branded itself well to be more attractive and acceptable to the electorate.

She said the opposition political parties had already sensed defeat and were creating a false fear factor among Zambians that the country would degenerate into lawlessness should the outcome of the results be not in their favour.

“We struggled to make President Lungu win the January 2015 presidential election because we were engulfed with internal wrangles by the Guy Scott group that has since purged itself. We are a more united and more organized political entity now  and President Lungu is now a household name with his super performance in implementing and completing the developmental programmes that were initiated by his predecessor late Michael Sata. The August general elections will be the easiest because Zambians have trust in President Lungu and the PF,” Ms Kapata said.

She said the infrastructure development the PF embarked on soon after assuming power had created a lot of jobs for the youths and had put more money in their pockets.

She said the campaign messages for the coming general elections would be based on what the PF had accomplished and that peace and unity would anchor the messages across the country.

And Ms Kapata advised the Zambia Police to guard against being partisan in politicing the coming elections and ensure that all perpetrators of violence were arrested irrespective of the political parties they belonged to.

She said Zambia was a haven of peace and that no election should ever be the cause of losing peace because citizens would have nowhere to run to.

“I call upon the police not to take sides in policing the coming elections and should arrest and lock up any cadre that would be engaged in political violence, be it from the PF, UPND or any other political party.

‘‘On our part we have banned our youths from wearing imitations of military uniforms because that was promoting violence. It is our hope that other political parties will have messages of peace because we want to come out of the elections still a united country,” Ms Kapata said.

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