Scott abusing Sata Legacy

GUY Scott should stop abusing late Michael Sata’s legacy in making his political tantrums because Sata belonged to the Patriotic Front (PF) and not the United Party for National Development (UPND), the Evangelical Youth Alliance (EYA) has charged.

The EYA president Moses Lungu advised Dr Scott to sober up and tell the truth instead of misleading Zambians over matters they understood better.

He said Zambians remembered how the UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema demonised Mr. Sata until his death, calling him a corrupt president who did not need the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) to probe him because his alleged corruption was there for all to see.

“Which Sata’s legacy is he (Scott) holding? Who told him that the Sata legacy is in the UPND? Let him stop abusing the Sata name for his own selfish motives because Sata was not in the UPND. Those who hold Sata’s legacy have remained in PF and have continued to work towards realising the dream for a better Zambia.

“Sata wanted to see robust infrastructure development in Zambia and President Lungu has lived up to that dream as evidenced by what the country has achieved in this short time that he has been in power and so Dr. Scott should not cheat anyone that he is holding Sata’s legacy because that legacy is not among the UPND members,” Rev. Lungu said.

He said while Zambia was going through a torrid time as it was bombarded with economic hardships brought about by the general poor performance of major economies of the world, President Lungu and his team had worked hard to alleviate the suffering of Zambians by addressing the challenges.

“If there are people who have assaulted Sata’s legacy, Dr. Scott is among them because he does not mean well for the party which Sata worked hard to usher into office.  President Lungu came into power at the time the country was facing a lot of challenges and so far, we can say that he (President Lungu) and his team have fought a descent battle towards a better Zambia,” Rev. Lungu said.

He challenged Mr. Hichilema to tell the nation how he has now managed to work with individuals such as Geoffrey Mwamba, Guy Scott and Mr. Sampa whom he accused of being corrupt individuals when they were in the ruling PF.

Rev. Lungu warned Dr Scott that he would be confronted if he continued to make wild and derogatory statements against President Edgar Lungu because he was insulting the Zambians that ushered him into office.

He was commenting on Dr. Scott’s claims that he worked hard to ensure that President Lungu won the presidential by-election last year. Rev. Lungu said Dr. Scott should be the last person to talk about helping President Lungu to win an election because he was a thorn in President Lungu’s flesh as it was clear that he wanted the UPND to take away the presidency after his preferred candidate Miles Sampa flopped.

He said Zambians expected Dr. Scott, as a senior citizen, to be more careful with the way he presented issues than talking about things that had the potential to divide the country further by making statements which incited Zambians to rise against one another.

“We all know that he wanted to give away the presidency to the UPND as an appeasement to the people of Southern Province because he claims he was born in Monze and so, he should not claim that he engineered the victory of President Lungu last year because that victory came at the backdrop of his machinations to make the PF lose.

“If he continues with his regional politics and insults against President Lungu, we will confront him squarely because when he insults President Lungu, he is insulting all the Zambians that voted for him,” Rev. Lungu said.