Don’t abuse Bible, Hichilema advised

POLITICIANS should not use the Word of God in vain in their quest for political power, says Pentecostal Fellowship of Zambia Naison Nyonyo.

Bishop Nyonyo said while there was nothing wrong in quoting Bible passages in spreading messages of hope and good will to the people, but it should be for the sole purpose of preaching salvation and eternal life and not anything else.

Commenting on UPND political campaign advertisement on ZNBC which starts with a Bible quote, Bishop Nyonyo explained that the Bible itself was very clear on how the Word of God could be used, at what time, and that politics could be a wrong forum as it would be for personal gain.

“We ought to be very careful when quoting the Bible because nowadays many people believe they were being used by God when, in fact, not.

“There is nothing wrong with quoting the Bible when expressing how one feels in their Christian life, but God’s word must not be used for jokes or for play because the Word of God is about Jesus Christ and so it should be centred around Christ’s influence in one’s life,” he said.

He explained that everyone can truly be used by God, but that the Bible was very clear about how to use it and at what time.

And Bishop John Mambo said that politicians must be true servants of people and that it is not wrong to use scriptures of the Bible in their campaign message.

He, however, said that politicians needed to examine themselves that their actions and words were in conformity with what they professed.

In an interview yesterday Bishop Mambo, who is Chikondi Foundation president said that some men of God, had been compromised due to poverty and had sided with President Edgar Lungu, Dr Nevers Mumba or Hakainde Hichilema, adding  that matters of God were a serious covenant.

“My calling is to speak for the voiceless and not to enrich myself because I am a bishop but due to poverty that has crept into the church you find that men of the cloth, sell their dignity for a loaf of bread and the church has allowed politicians to use pulpits as platforms for campaigns,” he said.

He said that the duty of the church was to hold politicians accountable by their words and warned politicians that they risk the wrath of God if they intended to take religious things as a gimmick to win elections.

Bishop Mambo said that the Catholic Church had come out clearly that they are non-partisan and he himself was not siding with any political party.

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