ECZ most credible institution, says Changala

By Nation Reporter

THE same doomsayers who waged a crusade against their opponents in the 2006 and 2011 in order to project their preferred candidates as the only credible individual have again regrouped with their old tricks to instil fear in the electorate, political activist Brebner Changala has charged.

Commenting on the political developments in the country as the polling day nears, Mr. Changala said there was nothing new that the group was bringing to the political forum other than the same old tactics of a smear campaign against President Edgar Lungu and the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ).

He said if there would be a civil strife after this year’s election, warmongers who had been on rampage criticising their opponents unnecessarily would have no other person to blame but themselves for their selfish motives.

He said the same people that held former president Michael Sata hostage after helping him win the 2011 elections because they were against former President Rupiah Banda had waged the same propaganda against President Lungu in that they wanted their preferred candidate to win the election.

“In the 2006 election, when it became abundantly clear that Sata had captured the hearts of Zambians and looked like he was going to win, these warmongers waged a two months media campaign of slander and innuendos against his persona and character by bisecting his character and integrity in the most barbaric and unfair manner so that people don’t vote for him.

“In 2011, they again mounted a slander campaign against Rupiah Banda whom they accused of wanting to rig the elections with his son Andrew. They initially objected the printing of ballot papers from Durban and ensured that Mr. Banda lost the election but they held Mr. Sata. As we approach the August 11 elections, doomsayers are back with their same old tricks,” Mr. Changala said.

He said the main objective was to instil fear in the electorates and psyching the general public to reject the election results in an event that their most hated candidate won the polls and their mission collapsed.

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