Leave HH alone


No one has the monopoly to quote the Bible. Why should Naison Nyonyo speak on the president of UPND  Mr.Hakainde Hichilema’s use of the Bible as if it is a preserve of Patriotic Front. We all know that you are a PF cadre wishing to make a living by demonising Mr.Hichilema.

Concerned Believer


PF, consider Clement Tembo for Kabwata constituency


I would like to make an appeal to  the National Executive Committee of our beloved Patriotic Front party to consider adopting an energetic and had working Clemet Tembo for Kabwata Constituency. We the youths of Kabwata give thanks to  Hon. Given Lubinda for the terms he has been our area member of Parliament. It is time to give a vibrant young and intelligent citizen who has a heart for the people of Kabwata constituency.

Henry Malola


ECZ should explain the referendum


I would like to say that the Electoral Commission of Zambia has failed to educate the many Zambians on the referendum to take place at the same time with the general elections. I feel if ECZ wont educate voters on this serious issue, I have no doubt it will be a flop. Zambians need to be educated so that they know what is contained in the referendum and how to vote. I wish also to state that ministers should stop using government vehicles or any property that belongs to government in their campaigns.

Mweemba Simuliampndo


HH should appreciate PF’s development efforts


I wish and hope Hakainde Hichilema will take his supporters  to all parts of Zambia to see what President Edgar Lungu and Patriotic Front has done . Even where they went to start their campaign was not easily reachable but HH went there because of the easy road Edgar and his government constructed.





Youths should help to maintain peace


I would like to appeal to all my fellow youths to support our party leaders wisely and peacefully and say no to political violence. I am a PF supporter, this is my choice and those who have chosen to support other political parties should be respected as well . Those who want to work with us so as to bring peace in these political campaigns are free to call me on 0976418742.



Civil society organisations and voter education


The Civil Society Organisations must conduct voter education countrywide and should not only concentrate in urban areas. They should also intensify educating voters in rural areas and peri-urban areas as well because this year’s general elections seem to be complicated. NGOs should also partner with local radio stations for easy delivery of information.

Clement Chungu



Kafwaya disappoints Solwezi voter


I wish to state that the former Solwezi Central lawmaker Dawson Kafwaya is a desperate man who does not really care for the well-being of people who voted him into office. Surely, I will not waste my precious vote on you because you have disappointed many people in Solwezi Central. If I knew that you would betray UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema, I wouldn’t have voted for you. Honestly, how can you endorse a political party which has only three months to leave office?  You will remember my words. I didn’t know that you were a time waster.

Wemust Sikendo



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