Lungu picks Inonge, unveils new manifesto

LUSAKA came to a halt yesterday when the residents thronged the 60, 000 seater National Heroes Stadium to listen and witness the launch of the new five-year Patriotic Front (PF) manifesto and campaign materials unveiled by President Edgar Lungu. And President Lungu announced yesterday that he would go with his Vice President Inonge Wina as his running mate during the August 11 general elections. The stadium was filled to capacity leaving the organisers and the security officers with no option but to allow thousands other supporters to occupy the football pitch. Fourth Republican President Rupiah Banda and former Vice President Enoch Kavindele were present to support President Lungu’s campaign launch describing the crowd as “wonderful.” President Lungu’s supporters travelled from all corners of the country to endorse his candidature for the August 11, 2016 general elections. President Lungu said the PF’s vision for the next five years was to make Zambia more industrious, prosperous, peaceful, stable, united, democratic, and inclusive. “The 2016-2021 PF manifesto we are launching today will outline the full details of the vision for the next five years,” “In this respect, the Patriotic Front Government will continue with the programmes that have been initiated and, trust me, we are the only ones who can finish them because we have the experience and the tested capacity to deliver. Sonta apo wabombele, nga tawa sonte, sela tubombeko”, President Lungu said. He said PF would ensure that the hospitals and clinics being built had enough doctors, nurses, medicines and equipment. “We will also make sure that the clinics are as close as possible for the family. Our mission is to have health facilities within a radius of five kilometres,” President Lungu said. He said the PF government would embark on making Zambia a medical hub, adding that instead of referring patients abroad, it would transform selected health institutions into centres of excellence where they could access specialised services. The Head of State said the PF government would also venture into a new era of growing of medicinal plants such as aloe vera and its associated industries. “To equip our children and grandchildren with the necessary skills, we will make sure that we have enough schools, teachers, desks, books and computers. We will make sure that Zambia is number one in Africa in Science and Mathematics,” he said. President Lungu said the PF government shall expand agriculture and livestock to ensure food security and make Zambia the bread basket in the region,” he said.

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