MMD to back PF

By Nation Reporter

THE MMD has resolved to form an alliance with the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) following the election of former Lunte MP Felix Mutati as its new president after Nevers Mumba had fallen out of favor.

Delegates to the just-ended MMD convention at Mulungushi Rock of Authority yesterday unanimously resolved to go into an alliance with PF in the 11th August general elections if the former ruling party was to remain relevant for 2021 elections.

Party national chairperson Mwansa Mbulakulima revealed in an interview that party members unanimously resolved to work with the PF under a win-win situation based on the two political parties’ strengths.

Mr. Mbulakulima said the national executive committee (NEC) had put the possibility of an alliance as one of the top items which they said should be resolved immediately because of the limited time for nominations and campaigns.

He said the executive would not bulldoze the resolutions of the people because the party stood on strong democratic principles where the voice of the majority formed decisions under which all must agree and operate.

“As part of the convention, we allowed the provinces to come up with resolutions on which way the party should take now that the NEC is in place and among the items that have been unanimously agreed by all the 10 provincial executives is that the party should consider going into an alliance with the PF ahead of this year’s election.

“Consequently, the NEC has put this item as one of the top items on the agenda which must be resolved as quickly as possible because of the limited time remaining for nominations and campaigns. They want a win-win situation which does not necessarily mean that it should be on a 50-50 basis because we need to be realistic in our demand by looking at the strengths of the two political parties,” Mr. Mbulakulima said.

He said the MMD was alive to the fact that it could not win this year’s election in any way but was looking forward to 2021 because the party would have strategised its relevance on the country’s political scene.

“We have acknowledged that realism must dawn. The truth is that we have realised that we cannot win this election because just like we have stated before, our focus is the 2021 general elections. This is why the delegates realised that the only way our members could be active and relevant in this elections is by going into an alliance with the PF.  “This will mean that there will be members of our party who will be adopted but that will be purely done on the basis of our strengths and the PF’s strength. MMD knows where it stands as at now in terms of popularity and the PF also knows where it is and that is why we need to work together,” he said.

Meanwhile the MMD has re-elected Mr Nakachinda as party national secretary while Mutolo Phiri and Annie Chungu went unopposed as vice presidents for politics and administration respectively. Former Muchinga MP Howard Kunda also went unopposed as party national deputy secretary.

3 thoughts on “MMD to back PF

  1. hope newly formed executive wont have personal fall outs again to throw MMD into abyss and oblivion. cast away personal grudges unite and build the party for 2021 _-as stated. Advice to Felix Mutati: have a wise and listening ear.

  2. The only way to go guys, thanks for backing our simple and friendly pf vote ecl

  3. poor timing for our party MMD and in my opinion this move was preconceived no wonder only those who had endorsed EL during the 2015 elections were delegates at the Convention leaving the ones who have been with the Party. Our new leaders are nothing but opportunistic and selfish individuals. Anyway there will be another Convention in 2021 .They called Mumba all sorts of Names and openly said MMD is not for sale.

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