‘Driving with lights on a failed idea’

By Nation Reporter

THE decision by Road Transport and Safety Agency RTSA that motorists should be driving with headlights on during the day as a remedy to reduce serious accidents by making motor vehicles more visible is a failed idea, Commuter Association of Zambia president Aaron  Kamuti has charged.

This follows an increase in the number of road traffic accidents especially along the highways.

RTSA has since started putting in place various road safety interventions aimed at reducing road traffic accidents in the country.

And Mr. Kamuti has also accused the road enforcement agency of not involving other stakeholders when making such decisions.

He said the agency should realise that some of the vehicles imported  into the country were ‘‘ auto wrecks’’ unlike those made in Scandinavian countries which have specific weather climate change specifications.

Mr. Kamuti said ‘‘auto wreck’’ vehicles could not last running with lights on day and night as batteries would drain fast because these were second hand vehicles with a short life span as compared to new models from European countries.

He added that the agency should come up with workable ideas rather than imposing ideas on motorists which could not work.

Meanwhile, RTSA senior public relations manager, Fred Mubanga, said that lack of visibility and alertness on the part of drivers was cited as one of the contributing factors to road traffic accidents.

Mr. Mubanga said driving with head lamps on during the day will not only increase visibility and alertness on the part of motorists but demonstrate motorists’ commitment and support towards eliminating road crashes on Zambian roads.

He said the agency would soon implement the ‘‘Vehicle lights on’’ road safety campaign which would require motorists to drive with their vehicle lights on during the day.

He said the agency was soliciting motorists to support the campaign if the country was to record a reduction in the number of road traffic accidents.

Mr. Mubanga said it was important to understand the merits behind the campaign as several international studies have proved that the correct implementation of such a strategy could assist in reducing deaths on the roads.

RTSA is to launch the campaign to ensure motorists were visible to each other on highways.

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