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WE WILL not accept election results if the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) fails to rectify the electoral malaise that has characterised  the preparations for this year’s elections, the United Party for National Development (UPND) has warned.

And the UPND has warned Malawians who have allegedly vowed to trek into Zambia and participate in this year’s election on August 11 that they should not blame anyone for what would befall them because Zambia was a sovereign State whose affairs should be run by its citizens.

Speaking at a press briefing yesterday, UPND national chairperson for elections Ackson Sejani branded the current ECZ executive as a disaster and the worst the country has had since independence and has warned that the current inspection of the provisional voter register should be extended for at least three weeks for the commission to clear its mess.

Mr. Sejani said it was hard to believe whether the mistakes in the voter register were genuine or were a deliberate or well-calculated motive as it was unacceptable for the register to have such a huge number of mistakes where over 2,000 voters were missing from the register in Choma alone while huge numbers of people in Livingstone had their names moved to Pemba as their polling station in unexplained circumstances.

“We will only accept election results which are preceded by a credible, transparent, free and fair electoral process but in a situation where the ECZ is on purpose trying to defranchise the people, we will not accept it. The behaviour of the ECZ is an epitome of fraud and criminality. This is sponsored confusion and the sponsors are known and that is why ECZ is conspicuously too silent on taking remedial action.

“But we are here to warn them that machinations designed to undermine the forthcoming election will not be allowed because we shall fight these machinations to their nastiest end. We have tolerated a lot of nonsense from them.

How can you have over 2,000 voters missing from the register in one town alone? This is organised and purposeful confusion aimed at achieving a certain goal,” said Mr. Sejani.

He also said the registration of foreigners and their consequent adamancy in daring Zambians that they would come to vote in a country to which they did not belong was an indication that the country’s security was at stake but warned that they would be met squarely.

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