Lessons from AfDB president Akinwumi Adesina wisdom


Dear Editor,

When one compares the words of African Development Bank (AfDB) president Akinwumi Adesina (African economies stable AfDB Daily Nation, May 24, 2016) and those of our opposition political leaders, more especially in the UPND as interviewed in the Post Newspaper, it is not difficult to see  why our opposition leadership is in such a dire need of sober direction.

In his statement the AfDB president shares lessons of Africa’s (Zambia included) economic stability and resilience to the economic headwinds which most countries are experiencing globally, through a voice of rationality, offering

clarity, focus and solutions as well as leadership wisdom.

In sharp contrast, our opposition political leaders act irrationally due to envy, bitterness and opportunism.

They have, for example insulted government leaders and condemned each and every effort introduced to contain, eliminate or indeed re-direct national resources, while making empty promises which they will fail to deliver once voted into office.

Today an impression is being created by the UPND that the PF

government has failed to manage the country’s economy and must, therefore, be removed from office.

PF leaders are being portrayed as moral cowards who endlessly beg for foreign aid, whilst mismanaging the economy of our country with infrastructure development.

Just imagine the parody and taunting our opposition leaders would be subjected to, if they attended the AfDB annual meeting currently taking place in Lusaka and spoke ill of the government’s developmental agenda. It is Africans like Akinwumi Adesina that deserve the support of ordinary Africans. He has proposed several solutions not only to our unemployment crisis but our energy, economic and climate change problems too.

Dr Adesina’s voice is a breath of fresh air needed to blow away the stench from our foul-mouthed political discourse.

We can help ourselves by learning from him and it would not be difficult for a group of Zambians from any political party to invest in his suggestions.

We need Zambians with courage and self-determination that will dare dream, work and sweat in order for our unemployed youth not to remain enslaved to political rhetoric and empty promises.

Mubanga Luchembe,