Women agents of change, says lobbyist


By Nation Reporter

WOMEN across the country should rally behind female candidates in the August 11 general elections in a bid to increase participation of women in politics, Zambia National Womens Lobby (ZNWL) national chairperson Beauty Katebe has said.

Ms. Katebe noted that women in leadership positions were agents of change unlike their male counterparts.

She said she was concerned at the low number of female legislators in the past Parliaments.

“These coming elections are a period women should support each other in making sure that the challenges they faced in past years and have not been adequately addressed by men are fully tackled by women in leadership.

“We have had poor representation of women in Parliament in the past, but this time we need to make a difference and fight for gender equality because it does not come on a silver plate,” Ms. Katebe said.

She urged women to work together and ensure that more women were voted for.

“Team work is what we should be pushing for; we should have more women in leadership by mobilising support from the grassroots. We need to have more women in political spaces,” Ms Katebe said.

She observed that women were now more involved in politics than before, saying that the majority of registered voters were women.

“Now is the time, women are emerging more on the political scenario and they are participating better,” she said.

Ms. Katebe commended political parties that kept supporting women to participate in decision-making.

She stressed the need to give women more space in politics as it was being done in South Africa and Rwanda.

“We envy our friends in other African countries where representation of women in Parliament is tremendous; for example Rwanda has about 54 per cent women representation in parliament and other areas of decision-making, including the judiciary and the executive,” Ms. Katebe said.