UPND free to reject election results-Kapata


By Nation Reporter

THE United Party for National Development (UPND) should go ahead and reject the outcome of the August general elections but the Patriotic Front (PF) will humbly accept the new mandate to continue governing and move on, Jean Kapata has said.

Ms Kapata, who is PF elections chairperson, said the ruling party would not sit and mourn with the UPND after their defeat and eventual refusal to accept the results but would continue to govern Zambia because Zambians had resolved to vote for President Edgar Lungu so that he could carry on presiding over the affairs of the country with humility.

Reacting to threats by the UPND that the opposition political party was going to reject the election results on the basis of alleged electoral malpractice, Ms Kapata said the PF was happy that the opposition political party had realised that it would never win the coming general elections.

She said the UPND had correctly sensed humiliating defeat and was preparing its followers to cause confusion by refusing to accept the results but warned that Government would still be in place and would not allow the country to degenerate into lawlessness and anarchy.

She said the UPND should understand that no political leader had the final say on the people’s wishes and desires and that once Zambians had made their decision on who they wanted to be their president; it was not up to any individual to impose himself because such a leader would be illegitimate.

“Even before voting has been done, the UPND is already sensing defeat and they are manufacturing reasons to refuse the outcome of the election results. The UPND knows that they have no chance in this country of ever winning an election and they are preparing to cause chaos but let them know that Government will still be in place and will not allow Zambia to degenerate into lawlessness and chaos.

“Let them reject the results but the PF will humbly accept its new mandate and continue to govern. We shall not sit or join the UPND in mourning their defeat but we shall move on and continue to govern,” Ms Kapata said.

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