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Between EL and HH   the choice is yours

 It is sad to think that people are so backward that they would vote for someone over competency, integrity, honesty, patriotism, experience and a track record of success.

A lot of people do not see that it is not so much about poverty, joblessness or load-shedding.

If it were so then the so called ‘‘good donors’’ from the West would have been bringing their billions of dollars to every doorstep and not through Government hands and there would never have been poverty anywhere in Africa.

The issue is about greedy leaders and so we should neither trust the donor countries nor politicians themselves because both are like twins.

Making comparisons is not chronically bad judgment especially that there is not a standard president and so we may as well screen both Edgar Lungu and Hakainde Hichilema.

First, their dilemma is that both are politicians. EL has to build his own winning coalition of ministers, being unlikely to reproduce Sata’s election victory and entirely unable to resurrect that which put Sata in State House four years ago.

Second, and more importantly, he must overcome his own record of overwhelmingly unfinished projects, which is obviously tied to Sata’s vigorous initiation which he did without mainly consulting with technical persons.

On the other hand, there is a lot at stake for HH as he wants to prove a point than he is ready to heal Zambia and cleanse the nation from corruption.

As a result he has allied with some defectors, the biggest mistake, some people believe, he ever made because they will surely prove a plague to UPND along the way. In short he is not far from that ‘‘power hunger’’.

What is there to not like about these two gentlemen anyway? HH appeals in a unique and powerful way to classy people and entrepreneurs and is comfortable in front of the camera.

Moreover, he is courageous, politically correct, rich and makes good deals, has energy and stamina and is learned.

He is majestic, elegant, well informed. He is fondly respected especially by his tribesmen, have incredible great kids and his wife would make a great first lady. He looks and walks like a president.

Whereas, EL is more himself than a president he is. He is more teachable, simple and cool and that is his strongest side of him.

This personality makes him easily subjective to the church authorities who have found it easy to advise him even to set up day of national prayer and to renew ties with Israel.

However, both have some weaknesses. HH is naturally not a ‘‘people person’’ and it is hard for me to think that he genuinely identifies himself well with the common man.

There is such a huge gap between his wealthy personality and his potential but needy voters and those at the bottom of society. Besides, families with social bonds and big purchasing power will fancy him president only for their selfish reasons.

EL is not firm with his team because he did not actually pick his own administration in the first place.

As a result he does not impose himself very confidently for fear of losing his members, making him prone to compromise in critical moments.  In this situation he seems to look the other way as Zambians fend for themselves.

But conventional wisdom has it that come 11th August 2016, both EL and HH will likely take it into extra time.

It does not matter which part of Zambia the next president comes from, but only that there will be a democratically elected president.

Both EL and HH know for sure that their opponent does not stand a chance at the coming elections and many Zambians are aware of this reality and so why fight.

And talk of empty generalities with fake passion and fake caring; definitely there should be the chosen president from Jehovah who will connect with the poor directly.  We can ignore or betray the poor. But the poor will always live among us.

Thus, between EL and HH choose the one with a godly agenda. This time not only vote wisely, but also godly!

Humphrey Chola



Has HH’s Armageddon started?

The wave of violence being propagated by UPND should not be taken lightly by Government and our security wings.

This could actually be the start of the promised Armageddon by its leader Hakainde Hichilema.

They say a stitch in time saves nine. Those who are charged with the responsibility of safeguarding the security of Zambia should wake up and take appropriate action before it is too late.

It is such little isolated incidents which build up into a big nasty monster which would prove hard to handle.

Jay Kabemba


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