Accept defeat, losing adoption candidates told


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THOSE who are inciting party members to protest over the adoption of certain candidates are uncivilised and their interest in politics is personal gain and therefore, cannot be trusted with national leadership, the Zambia Republican Party has charged.

Commenting on the current developments where some party members especially from the Patriotic Front (PF) and the United Party for National Development (UPND) have been complaining about the adoption of perceived unpopular candidates, ZRP president Wright Musoma said the same candidates who were not adopted were the masterminds of the unrest in political parties.

Mr. Musoma said it was illogical and being uncivilized for any member of the party to think that they were invincible and that their parties had no choice but to adopt them because Zambia was not a dictatorship but a democracy where no personal interests prevailed over the majority.

He said the two political parties should be recommended for flushing out ‘‘political hooligans’’ who thought that no political party could survive without them and warned that parties which would accept individuals who defect under such circumstances were courting problems for themselves.

He said the current spate of protests that have characterised the UPND and PF were engineered by people who had joined politics for their personal benefit and had failed to see the ‘‘broader picture’’ of serving the people because there were many ways in which those who had not been adopted could contribute to their parties during the elections and afterwards when and if their parties formed government.

He said there were a lot of former MPs who had been left out from contesting this year’s elections but most of them had remained steadfast and had continued to support their parties save for a few disgruntled individuals who had taken politics as a means of survival.

“All these protests we are seeing today in the two main political parties are as a result of selfish individuals who want to hold political parties to ransom because of their selfish ambitions of wanting to remain in power even when they have not done anything in the previous years they have been in office.

“If an individual can mobilise party members to demonstrate because he has not been adopted, then it was right in the first place to leave him or her out because they are showing us that they cannot be trusted because to them personal power comes first rather than looking at the bigger picture of the party and the country at large,” Mr. Musoma said.

He praised UPND and PF for remaining resolute despite machinations by certain individuals to undermine and hijack the adoption process to suit themselves.

“So the two parties should be commended for stamping out some of these

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