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Former first lady Christine Kaseba has reportedly beaten the two UPND vice presidents to become the running mate to the opposition presidential candidate, Hakainde Hichilema.

Dr Kaseba, who is late President Michael Sata’s widow,  is not new to presidential ambitions as in 2014 she announced her aspiration soon after the burial of her husband, a move which was however unsuccessful.

This was despite Dr Guy Scott, who was acting President, trying all political tricks to have the former first lady lead the Patriotic Front but failed when Edgar Lungu declined to back down.

Dr Kaseba’s partnership with Mr Hakainde brings in sharp conclusion of a marriage of inconvenience as the opposition leader always disparaged the late president Sata.

The adoption of Dr Kaseba, has however raised hell in the UPND among the long standing faithfuls of the opposition party who kept the party going after the party’s first president Anderson Mazoka died.

Dr Kaseba has allegedly been picked above Mr Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, vice president in charge of administration and his counterpart for politics, Dr Canisius Banda. UPND member of the media committee Emmanuel Chilekwa confirmed this in his facebook posting.

Some senior members of the UPND also confirmed Mr Hichilema’s choice which was cemented last night.

“No more guess work, it’s for real, she will officially be announced tomorrow (today) as the UPND running mate,” Mr Chilekwa wrote on his facebook page.

The UPND adoption of Dr Kaseba completes the puzzle of Dr Scott’s resolve to have a say in the destiny of Zambia.

With Dr Kaseba as running mate, Dr Scott would properly be of influence if the the UPND won the August 11, general election.

Under the current law, Dr Kaseba cannot  be fired if she became the vice president, opening doors for Dr Scott’s political schemes.

3 thoughts on “GBM DROPPED FOR KASEBA?

  1. How about Maureen Mwanawasa, what is happening do Bembas matter?
    What next is UPND being swamped by these Bemba.
    I thought we didn’t like them now they are darlings , politics politics, we told you Bemba are great to work with .
    What has Lung done wrong did he see it coming the guy is a novice if he had kept these he was going to win comfortably .
    See what HH has done now taken over the PF . He needed those founders of the party he is now in limbo silky mistakes giving away his game

  2. Am sory for Dr canicius Banda who wz courted by freemason a long time ago and has been very loyal but was overshadowed with late comer GBM who joined upnd at last minute.

  3. I think mr hh hard a very tough moment to arrive at conclusion and openly bold say that in the presence of the two veep president. This could ve again brought havoc if one the two veep was chosen and the later dropped. Wise decision and has to be respected by all meaningful zambian who want to acceralate this country to greatness.

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