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 NEVERS Mumba’s desperate antics of harassing institutions such as the Registrar of Societies and the Electoral Commission of Zambia will not serve him in any way because we have already moved on, Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) national secretary Raphael Nakachinda has said.

Commenting on Dr. Mumba’s visit to the Registrar of Societies recently and his subsequent alleged complaint to the ECZ that he was the rightful leader of the party, Mr. Nakachinda said Dr. Mumba was living in the past because the MMD had moved on following the convention in Kabwe which ushered a new leadership in the party.

He said harassing the Registrar of Society and the ECZ over who was the rightful leader of the party was ‘‘an exercise in futility’’ because the two institutions were only recipients of the resolution of the Kabwe convention, adding that Dr. Mumba was employing desperate tactics with the hope that he would retain the party leadership.

He said the MMD would no longer pay any attention to Dr. Mumba because doing so would give him publicity as he was not a factor in the MMD after his attempts to block the convention and the subsequent election of a new executive.

“Dr. Mumba is just playing desperate political antics with the hope that he may regain the party leadership. He went to the Registrar of Societies and we are told he also went to ECZ to claim that he was the duly elected president of the MMD but these two institutions he is harassing have not done anything wrong. They are just the recipients of the outcome and resolutions of the convention which put new leaders in place.

“We have moved on and we shall not pay any attention to his desperate political antics because doing so will be like giving him unnecessary publicity. We have serious things to do rather than responding to his desperation because he is not a factor that we should be discussing right now. We are moving on as a party and we will ignore his claims,” Mr. Nakachinda said.

Despite the Registrar of Societies’ decision to change the party’s office bearers after the convention, Dr. Mumba insisted that he was the legally elected president of the MMD.

Dr Mumba said Mr Mutati, who was elected MMD leader at the Kabwe convention, was not recognised by the party because he was allegedly elected illegally.

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