‘Scruffy’ mini bus crews displease commuters


COMMUTERS in Lusaka have expressed disgust over some dirty mini bus crews whom they claim make their journeys extremely uncomfortable.

They said that it was important for drivers and bus conductors to understand that their job demanded cleanliness all the time.

Sylvia Banda a concerned commuter said that there was urgent need for drivers to start taking their work seriously and begin to look smart because that was their profession.

Ms. Banda said most bus drivers did not realize that ferrying people from one area to another was an important job that should be treated with respect.

She said unfortunately drivers looked down on their job and that was why they were always scruffy together with their conductors.

Ms. Banda said that it was not right for drivers to think that they did not need to give a good representation of their job by the way they dressed just because they thought their job was  inferior.

“Every person and the job they do is important in a certain way and the drivers need to realize that without them it would be hard for us as commuters to get to our various destinations be it our homes, work places or churches.

“So they play a vital role and the work they have is just as important as any other job out there and they should not look down on it,’’ she said.

And Stella Malama another commuter complained that most drivers were filthy and aggressive to passengers because they felt people always looked down on them.

Ms. Malama said bus drivers and conductors had earned themselves a bad name in the eyes of the public because of their behaviour.

She said they usually used abusive language towards other people without minding who they were talking to.

Ms. Malama said such behavior and dirty dressing was what had contributed to people looking down on them and considering their profession unimportant.

She said if drivers started treating their work with respect it would be difficult for other people to look down on them or their profession.

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