Prof Geoffrey Lungwangwa is lying

Dear Editor,

It is disgusting that the entire Prof Geoffrey Lungwagwa who is also the Nalikwanda UPND aspiring candidate could lie with a straight face to the people of Zambia that all road projects, construction of 650 of health posts and the construction of infrastructure in newly created districts were initiated by the MMD.

Does he realise that Zambians still remember how he and his bandwagon of armchair critics mocked the late president Michael Sata when he embarked on the creation of new districts that he was day dreaming?

According to Prof Lungwagwa at the time, the new districts would remain undeveloped but now that some structures in the new districts are nearing completion he wants to claim that the projects that have been completed by PF were initiated by MMD.

Yes MMD achieved what they could under the circumstances but to lie that all the infrastructure was planned by MMD is being economical with the truth; the kind of politics he is exercising is archaic and should be treated with the contempt it deserves.

PF government has worked beyond our expectations considering the time they have been in power especially our current president Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

He has to work Monday to Sunday to ensure that their campaign promises as the governing party are fulfilled within their time frame.

Of interest is his concentration on energy infrastructure to ensure that economic activities are not disrupted due to the power deficit we are experiencing now and in the near future.

It is no wonder the opposition UPND is desperate to wrestle power from Edgar Lungu in the forthcoming elections because they know that Zambia is headed for prosperity and fears that the PF may not be easy to remove from power owing to its record of achievement.

He also wants to come and claim glory over other people’s sweat.

Look at how things have changed in this country. For the first time, we have a President who is not scared to introduce good laws even if he is personally not comfortable with certain clauses.  He is ready to forego the luxuries of our time for future luxuries and joy; he wants to work now for our children.

I’m confident that the Zambian people will say ‘yes’ to development by re-electing President Lungu for trusted leadership.

We cannot start experimenting with untested leadership.

We are not ready for the leadership that promises Armageddon. Let us encourage President Lungu by showing him love where ever he steps in this country for he loves us all. Vote Edgar Lungu on 11 august, 2016.


Enock chulu


The true meaning of change

Dear Editor,

Let me first start by defining what change is in reference to the reply sent in by Charles Kaputi titled “Troy, you got it all wrong” (Daily Nation, May 31st, 2016 – directed at the letter I earlier sent titled “GBM’s wife’s blind submission” – Daily Nation, May 25th, 2016.

Change can be said to be an act/process through which something/someone becomes different (simply put, make/become different).

It can either be from negative to positive or from positive to negative. It’s all change.

And the best example is one which you gave of Paul in the Bible who changed from a murderer to a preacher and from brutality to love.

Paul changed because he accepted the fact that he was a bad person and needed change.

The key point in Paul’s story is acceptance which then allows change to take its course.

If Paul didn’t accept he would still have been the Saul we would have all come to hate.

In your letter you said Mrs Bwalya (GBM’s wife) has forgiven her husband of the past mistakes he committed.

Now, should that act of forgiveness to her husband mean she now has to submit as a good wife and support his violent ways just because this time it’s being done on others and not her?

This is the woman who had reported him to police for violence and was now condemning his arrest where he is said to have assaulted some marketeers at Kitwe’s Chisokone market.

She should be in the forefront giving our police a pat on the back because the law was now taking its course.

Instead she is the first in condemning the process of the law and calling it political.

If that’s not blind submission then I don’t know what true submission mentioned in the Bible is.

And just for the record, I am a baptised Christian. I do not quote the Bible so that I can sound smart because the same Bible tells me not to add or subtract what is written in it (Revelation 22:18).

Let us be factual and not emotional even when we know right is right, wrong is wrong.


God bless you.

Troy Mukupa