Kabwata is mine, says Maiko Zulu


By Nation Reporter

I AM not intimidated by candidates contesting the Kabwata parliamentary seat on major political party tickets because I am closer to the people than anyone else, says independent Kabwata aspiring Member of Parliament Michael Maiko’’ Zulu.

Mr Zulu said he would inspire a new generation of leaders when voted into office.

He said he was confident of scooping the seat in the August 11 general elections because he had lived in the area all his life and knows what people in the constituency needed.

Mr. Zulu, a renowned reggae musician, told the Daily Nation  that he had received ‘‘massive support’’ from voters in the area and would emerge victorious on the polling day.

“I’m very confident of scoping the seat especially that I grew up in Kabwata. I have been on the ground I am very familiar with what the people in the area need. Most of the people  have welcomed the idea of my candidature and are looking forward to casting their votes.

“Being an independent candidate, I am not intimidated by those standing on major political parties’ ticket. I believe I am the right candidate and people will vote for me.

“It is not about belonging to a big political party, but what one has to offer,” Mr Zulu said.

He reiterated that the people of Kabwata would give him the mandate to become MP as they have seen his passion to serve them. Mr Zulu said the constituency needed a youthful leader who understood the needs of the youth as the majority of the constituents were young people.

He noted that the youth in the area had lost faith in government because they had not been given chance to be part of the decision-making.

“Young people who are the majority of the voters need a new drive and inspiration; they have lost faith in government. We need to change that and it can only happen if one of them is in it.

‘‘It’s time for young people to get involved in politics,” he said.