Luonde chases Nchanga constituency on Rainbow ticket

By Nation Reporter

The former famous Kitwe Anglican Church priest Richard Luonde has joined politics and is now aspiring candidate for Nchanga Constituency   in Chingola on the Rainbow Party ticket.

Fr Luonde immediately declared that he had joined politics not to eat but to serve the poor people in society.

He said it was his duty as a priest to provide leadership to the poor by helping them enhance their living standards.

He said it was only in Parliament that he could help the people of Nchanga Constituency because that was where laws were made and wanted to be part of the House to be the voice of the people.

The clergyman said the former crop of parliamentarians had neglected the people on the ground and it was high time the people of Nchanga rejected them.

There was nothing strange for him to take a leading role in politics despite some people negatively criticising him that he should not do so.

Fr Luonde said that time had come for change and the electorates should consider voting for a God fearing person and someone who knew the Word so that Nchanga constituency could develop.

He said once put into office he would ensure that he worked on the roads which were in a deplorable state because the previous Member of Parliament had allegedly failed the people.

“It is unacceptable for the mining companies operating in the constituency to prefer much of the bigger contracts to people who are outside the constituency and others from foreign countries and when I am in office, I will make sure that the  local  contractors and suppliers  benefit from the mines,’ he said.

The clergyman said during the campaign that he would concentrate on politics of development unlike other politicians who only preached the message of hate.

He said the people of Nchanga constituency needed a leader who understood their daily challenges because there were some places in the constituency which had no water and electricity.