Allow me to add some icing/support to the letter titled “Prof Geoffrey Lungwangwa is lying” by Enock Chulu-Daily Nation, June 2nd, 2016.

I have always said it is important for anyone and everyone to have the kind of principle of giving credit/appreciation where it is due.

Enock is correct to say President Lungu and the PF government have worked beyond everyone’s expectations considering the time they have been in power.

The vision that President Lungu has shown is the same vision that the late President Sata had for Zambia and its people.

Many people misquoted/misunderstood late President Sata when he came up with the ‘more money in your pocket’ campaign/slogan.

They blindly laughed at him and the slogan because they thought he meant handing out cash to every Zambian – door to door (which is impossible).

But what he meant was actually to improve the living standards of every Zambian by making sure that everyone has easy access to education, health, roads, employment, hence creating more money in people’s pockets.

Whether we say the current development was started by MMD, the fact is, it is President Lungu and the PF government who are running the show and have made it possible for the said development to finish on time and not stalled.

MMD was in power for 20 years and had enough time to work and finish the said projects.

MMD might have initiated some projects but major credit goes to President Lungu and the PF government for not stalling in finishing the said projects.

Unless you want to tell us that the said projects needed 25 years (20 years of MMD, 5 years of PF) to be completed.

Instead of doing checks and balances that should include credit/appreciation where its due, most of our opposition leaders tend to think being in opposition means ‘to oppose’ or ‘shoot down’ everything including the good that comes from the ruling party.

Learn to give credit/appreciation where it’’s due.

Troy Mukupa



  1. Well spoken, Bro! Let us be realistic. What we need is constructive criticism.
    People, where on earth are you going to provide free education? How will the teachers get paid? Let us not promise the impossible just to get votes. Ifintu ni Lungu!

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