Choice of party membership


I would like to appeal to all political parties taking part and those who are not in this year’s general elections to tell their cadres to respect one’s democratic right of belonging to his or her party of choice. Gone are the days when all Zambians were singing the same songs of praise of UNIP. We are a democratic nation and as such people need to respect one another’s choice of the party to support.

Mulenga K





Dr Banda should have been HH running mate  


It was supposed to be Dr Banda!! The UPND thinks GBM is popular and favoured by the people of Zambia, well that’s their gravest mistake!!! GBM has money, yes but money doesn’t buy everything!! If anyone would like to prove this, come October 25; Inauguration day and you will prove this correct. HH thinks GBM can make Kasama and the Northern Province win him ballots.

Mulenga Charles.





Those nude pictures in Kachepa newspaper 


I wish to agree with Gloria Mudenda who lamented about Kachepa newspaper’s nude pictures. I strongly feel this newspaper is being run by people who are not media personnel. Surely, how can they be publishing such pictures in public? I would like also to appeal to Ministry of Information to seriously investigate this paper before it corrupts people’s morals. As Gloria stated, we are a Christian nation and let our media houses be professional.

Disappointed parent

Lusaka West.



Facebook comments on Chipolopolo Boys’ loss to Guinea Bissau


Chilewa Mathews: From the first whistle to the last one unfair officiating played a huge part in Zambian’s loss to Guinea. Firstly Stophilla Sunzu foul on Guinea player in the 18 ring was not supposed be a foul (penalty) that was insinuation by Guinea player and secondly Guineas second goal was snatched from Chipolopolo goal minder’s hands. It was not supposed to be a goal and lastly the 3minutes added time in injury time were for what? The game could have ended 2-all.


Kelly Andrew Musonda: The performance was poor and I think it’s high time the players started taking their job seriously so is the coach. Lastly, Kamanga’s administration must consider football as business where only deserving players should feature in the national team unlike playing names who ere failing to discharge their duties on the pitch.


Archie Lungu: The officiating was pathetic,how does a referee rule a goal when the ball is already in the goal keepers hands and how do u score when u r already in offside position all those and a lot more officiating was biased,i wish and hope FAZ can appeal coz if nothing will be screend then African football will never go anywhere,European football is always screend if there is a complaint and judgement is passed according to evidence.


John Mwape J Dola: We played very well but I want to mention 2 important facts that led to our downfall. I would like to ask the Zambian coach George chicken Lwandamina how his tactics was in substituting Kalaba & Chris Katongo. What was he trying to do in dying minutes?. Secondly what a poor defending from Mkandawile. It was a very important game to millions of people who were watching. I will give you an example of how you can take a risk when needed. Did you watch Man Utd vs Crystal Palace FA cup final where Chris Smallin was given a red card? That’s how you defend an important game like that one.I am very disappointed because someone never cared about taking a risk.


Aaron Jacob Mutammbo: Saturday’s the 4th June 2016 ‘s game between Zambia and Guinea Bissau was unevenly officiated against Zambia. This was coupled with poor defence on the Zambian side. The coach remains excellent and objective. We have to understand that football is about goals but we have not seen the passion to score goals by our players of late. Old players in the name of Collins Mbesuma and Christopher Katongo are still making a mark in the national team. There is therefore neend for the coach to work on the defence and the striking departments.Thanks.


Howard Chiba Chiba: Chipolopolo’s spirit was challenged by pathetic officiating by the referee. I don’t know the AfCON rules but I hope the body can sit and preside over the poor officiating. They tried their best and they were the better team.

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