HH has misfired over gbm

HH had every right to choose a running mate for himself, but certainly did not have a right to impose a man who has no respect for other people.

Surely, it must be very clear that the adoption of GBM is purely tribal, intended to woo the Bemba vote into UPND.

However I wonder whether HH really consulted on the character of GBM to determine his suitability to serve as a running mate and God forbid President of the Republic if something untoward happened.

GBM failed to work with Mr. Sata. This alone must say volumes about the character of the man to serve in Government.

His personal conduct leaves much to be desired. He not only has cases of assault from the past has new ones in court. His language is course and unpalatable. Will people follow him? The era for blind Bemba tribalism or any tribalism for that matter  is long gone because Zambians want quality leadership.

Kenneth Mwenya.


The battle of the running mates

Zambia goes to the polls to elect a new vice president and new Parliament on 11 August.

Interestingly, the race is turning out to be a battle of the running mates of Zambia’s political kingpins.

As expected, the suspense, speculation and intrigue over the UPND presidential candidate by Hakainde Hichilema’s ended on the actual nomination day when he unveiled Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) as his preferred candidate, sending his crowd of supporters into frenzied celebration (Daily Nation, June 4, 2016).

This will be Hakainde Hichilema’s fifth attempt at Zambia’s presidency.

But will it really be fifth time lucky for the UPND leader or a repeat of déjà vu?

For his 2016 bid, the UPND presidential candidate is leading an alliance which brings together the Miles Sampa-led UDF, Nevers Mumba-led MMD and Charles Milupi-led ADD.

They are campaigning on a platform of late Michael Sata’s public sympathy in order to garner votes in Bemba-speaking Northern and Muchinga provinces.

With Hichilema’s likely departure from the UPND top post after the August 11 polls, many expect GBM to be the automatic heir-apparent owing to his affluence, charisma and political acumen. But this could not be the case.

His once formidable PF-based popularity in Kasama and the rest of Northern and Muchinga provinces has been fractured and GBM’s anticipated smooth sail to Government House, the  official home for the State vice president, is now a headache.

While there are several running mate candidates, three of them are in the lead for the main prize.  The three are from PF, UPND and FDD.

There are now three established facts about Zambia’s next vice president. One is that the next vice president will be a woman due to the 2,575,750 female registered voters as of 2014 the number which is likely to go up in 2016. Needless to say, women market traders and the gender-based NGOs  have also pledged to support her.

Two, she will come from one of the main political parties, and three, she will be a wife of a former prominent Zambian. She’s no other than Inonge Wina.

This will be Inonge Wina’s second time to be the State vice president. The Wina family has been a permanent feature in Zambian politics since independence.

Both the late husband, Arthur Wina, and the wife have been top political leaders at different times in post-independence Zambian politics in their opposition activities.

Clearly the third force in the race based on gender is FDD leader Edith Nawakwi’s running mate who has just moved from religion to politics, Reverend Clement Mwanza.

Like all Zambian general elections, there never lacks pretenders to the throne. Leading the pack is UNIP. Others are UPP, Green Party, Democratic Assemblies and PAC.

Mubanga Luchembe,



The IG must take Lungu’s directive on political

violence seriously


We have of late witnessed unprecedented levels of political violence particularly in Lusaka and Southern provinces without much action from the police who are supposed to maintain law and order.

If it were in civilised societies, the IG Mr Kanganja would have resigned on moral grounds.  We can’t have cadres in possession of offensive weapons because they are overzealous and always wanting to fire at opponents.

Politics should not be about bloodshed, it should be about ideas of development. The country is likely to witness more violence and the police ought to firmly deal with all violent cadres and their leaders.

The directive by President Edgar Lungu to the Police Command to be firm on the perpetrators of violence is timely.

Otherwise, the collective vision of the ruling Patriotic Front in their manifesto and the 10-point plan of the UPND will be useless in the face of a civil war.

Why should the police wait for the President’s directive to act? Don’t they know their critical role of maintaining law and order?

We are lucky that President Edgar Lungu detests violence and his knowledge of God has really helped him to be always truthful, humble and loving.

It is good that senior citizens are supporting Edgar Lungu owing to his humility and love for humanity and I am sure the freedom fighters would not want us to lose the peace we have enjoyed for years.

Enock chulu


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