Today’s letters to the editor

HH abusing the disabled people to gain votes!!!

Dear Editor,

It is a shame to people like Hakainde Hichilema to be abusing the differently able bodied people to rise to the presidency.

In a UPND TV political advert, a disabled gentleman is shown pushing himself on a wheel chair and a voice playing in the background that the government has neglected him but he has not lost hope because come 11th August,he looks forward to having his life changed for the better.

Is Hakainde serious?

Does Hakainde need to wait to be president to contribute to uplifting the lives of our disabled brothers and sisters?

Can’t Hakainde help honestly even before he becomes president?

Is there no shame in Hakainde to take advantage of our disabled brother in order to win him numbers?

Can Hakainde tell us why he has no program at his many companies to give an opportunity to employ some of these disabled brothers and sisters?

Can Hakainde tell us what he has done for the special school at UTH to supplement the government in uplifting the lives of children born with physical and mental challenges?

Does he honestly want to first become president before he helps?

This shows how selfish this UPND leader is. He is in short telling us that his money is not for charity.

Hakainde please spare our physically challenged brothers and sister s in  a bid to garner votes!!!!

Concerned citizen


Campaign funds relay race

Dear Editor,

It is only in political platforms that bear the name grassroots officials or top leadership that one can easily find campaign funds detectives and belittling campaign funds deniers from the same political parties.

For instance, PF founder member Mubanga Chileshe’s warning (‘PF will lose’, Daily Nation, June 6, 2016) reduced the previous day’s article (‘Greedy businessmen irk Lungu’, Sunday Nation, June 5, 2016) to the clichéd blame game or opposition bashing rhetorical jingoism.

Meanwhile, Mubanga Chileshe was echoing everything from the tired linear campaign funds political culture rhetoric of the MMD era to the UPND manifesto chimera Hakainde Hichilema has described as 10-point plan to fix Zambia’s ailing economy.

In an interview aired on ZNBC TV Bemba programme dubbed ‘Chintobentobe’, President Edgar Lungu recently described the very UPND 10-point plan the opposition party was using in its manifesto as spectacularly plagiarised PF ideas and programmes at best.

When Mubanga Chileshe warned that over-confidence and failure by the party top leadership to finance the grassroots might cost the PF the August general elections, was he simply engaging in a complaint and apportion blame approach? What about President Edgar Lungu’s analysis of the UPND 10-point plan?

As is always the case with politicians, Mubanga Chileshe contradicted himself within the same breath.

His words: “It was totally unacceptable for the PF to have failed to mobilise members to support the nomination of their candidate at ward level in Lukashya, Northern Province, which the ruling party was boasting of being its stronghold” are in the past tense despite his illusory PF’s current popularity in the area.

This sort of serial contradiction is wide-spread amongst Zambians in politics, so it’s not really reducible to my namesake Mubanga Chileshe.

However, such types of narrative always give the game away via the use of popular oxymorons like ‘politicians in business should walk the talk by ensuring that their businesses directly benefit the immediate community instead of paying lip service to poverty reduction while condemning the ruling party’ – that is, something as internal and self-defining as PF’s campaign message which is a gift from the election competitors that resonates with the electorate.

Typical opportunity for ‘Sontapo’!  As the PF supporters would like to say.


Mubanga Luchembe,


Load shedding in Chambishi

Dear Editor,

It is so saddening that while we are hearing about great strides which have been made in the reduction of load shedding hours in many parts of Zambia, this kind gesture has not been extended to Chambishi Mine Township.

From July 2015 our official outage schedule has been;

Monday: 14 – 22 hours.

Tuesday: 06 – 14 hours

Wednesday: 14 – 22 hours

Thursday: 06 – 14 hours

Friday: 14 – 22 hours

Saturday: 06 – 14 hours

Sunday: 14 – 22 hours

This schedule has been in force since July 2015 and it affects all residential areas in Chambishi.

If you look at the schedule, you will notice that 4 days in a week we don’t watch ZNBC news.

We have tried in the past to convince ZESCO to extend or bring forward the hours of supply, for example, on Wednesday and Sunday when there is an important prime time event but all to no avail.

During the last two weeks, we have requested ZESCO at least to delay the outage on Sunday from 14 to 15: 00 hours to enable us view the much talked about President Lungu’s appearance on a weekly Sunday ZNBC TV Bemba program ‘chintobentobe’, but even that has yielded no positive response.

Our contention here is not load shedding but ZESCO not having any interest of the residents of Chambishi at heart.

Mukuka Chilufya,, Chambishi Mine Township