‘Witch’ aborted my baby – accused

A 27-YEAR- OLD man of Chingola has told Senior Resident Magistrate Davies Chibwili that he called his ex-girlfriend a witch because she allegedly aborted his pregnancy.

Michael Chasaya of house no. 10, Busaka Street in Chingola, told Magistrate Chibwili that a Christian could not abort a pregnancy.

He was testifying in a case in which he is facing one count of accusing somebody of being a witch contrary to the laws of Zambia.

Particulars of the offence are that Chasaya on March 11, 2016, called Delphister Mwansa a witch.

When the court read out the charges to Chasaya, he pleaded guilty.

“Your honour, I called her a witch because she aborted my pregnancy.

A Christian cannot kill a baby. I have also been experiencing bad dreams about her. The last time I had a dream that she had taken me to the cemetery,” he said.

Magistrate Chibwili said Michael could not call a person a witch based on a dream.

“We all have dreams, some are bad while others are good but if we start calling people names, we will not be relating with anyone,” Mr Chibwili said.

He adjourned the matter to June 13 for continued trial.

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