Bill of rights to enhance human rights – ICOZ

THERE is need for Zambians to vote ‘YES’ in the referendum on the Bill of Rights as this is a rare opportunity which citizens really need because it will enhance human rights, says Independent Churches of Zambia (ICOZ) chairman David Masupa     

He, however, said in an interview yesterday that there was need for citizens to familiarise themselves with the Bill of Rights by debating different sections of the document.

He said there was need to disseminate the document through various media platforms as well as languages so that more people were well informed.

Meanwhile, persons with disabilities would have tax free assistive devices as well as equal opportunities in cultural, political, economic and social activities, the Bill of Rights (BR) has proposed.

The Bill of Rights under article 51 (a) states that a person with disability is further entitled to the right to education with facilities that integrate the person into society and would have physical environment, information, communication and public facilities.

Other services for the people with disabilities are to have access to places as well as transportation, facilities, and tax free assistive devices.

The use of sign language and other appropriate means of communication, personal development and living independently are also included.

Zambians would vote in a referendum in August alongside the general elections.

President Edgar Lungu has announced that the Patriotic Front would vote ‘Yes’ for the Bill of Right.