‘Democracy elusive without women’

DEMOCRACY will be incomplete without the inclusion and full participation of more women in the decision-making process, says women activist Josephine Ngambo.

She said the observation by Vice President Inonge Wina that few women were adopted during the adoption process by all the political parties was timely.

She said it was impossible to attain gender equity at all levels of national development if women were left out in the governance system.

Ms Ngambo said the under-representation of women in decision-making structures was one of the issues currently facing the country.

“We still have fewer women in decision-making positions though our Head of State is leading by example by choosing a woman as Vice President and his running mate,” she said.

Ms Ngambo urged women countrywide to give support to fellow women who were candidates in this year’s elections to safeguard the participation of more women in decision-making.

She said it was a pity that the intimidation of women participating in elections was still high in Zambia.

Ms Ngambo noted that it was understood that women were the most affected when it came to the socio-economic and political inequalities in the Zambian society.

“At least the Government has tried its best to open up chances for more women to participate in political decision-making positions, but the problem is still with some political players who appeared to be selfish because of greed,” she said.

Ms Ngambo said it was vital to think seriously, decisively and walk the talk over the issue so that women too contributed to the decision-making process.