The running mate factor

Dear Editor,

The award for best comedian this time around goes to Reverend Clement Mwanza, the running mate to Ms Edith Nawakwi.

This is the man who failed to file in his nomination for Msanzala parliamentary seat because he did not have the correct and requisite documents (National Registration card, tax clearance certificate and academic certificate).

The man even went further by going to file in his nomination as Ms Nawakwi’s running mate without having the original documents with him even when he had all the needed time in the world for him to find out more on what documents the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) wanted for one to file in one’s nomination.

This is truly the result of what poor time management, poor preparation can do, hence the failure to present the much needed documents to ECZ.

Believe you me when I say its comedy at its best. As if to woo for more votes for the award for best comedian, the man who was so eager to stand as parliamentarian on the FDD ticket, and is now their running mate, when asked on what his campaign strategy was, he responded that he was waiting for instructions from Ms Nawakwi on how the campaign programme was to be conducted. Don’t tell me the man also did not know what article 43 of the church’s constitution states on ministers/pastors who wanted to join politics when he accepted the offer of running mate.

And yes, it can be said that it’s Ms Nawakwi and the FDD’s right to choose/decide on who they think was well qualified to be picked as her running mate but that should not just end with them.

It should also extend to what the voters would think of that person being picked if it’s winning they want. Unless they are telling us that they are just in the race for the sake of it.

Just a thought,  Troy Mukupa.


Lungu, Wina more promising

Dear Editor

The Paramount Chief Chitimukulu may not have been wrong over his alleged comment on the choice of running mates.

With two months to the August 11 polls, overt international diplomacy politics are being played out in Lusaka, influenced mostly by economic interests.

On the one side are Guy Scott-backed UDF using the late Michael Sata’s public sympathy of the Bemba ethnicity in Northern and Muchinga provinces to stop the Edgar Lungu-Inonge Wina duo from winning.

Their preference is Hakainde Hichilema and GBM’s UPND. On the other side, are the Felix Mutati-led MMD who are openly rooted for Edgar Lungu’s PF.

Fully aware of the pulling and shoving behind the scenes, Zambians need to ignore the Western ambassadors and vote for Edgar Lungu and Inonge Wina.

The foreign envoys should know better, that Zambians are very proud of their heritage and do not take kindly to what they perceive as imperialism.

This is a historical fact which would work against Hakainde Hichilema, who’s seen as advancing Western interests and ideologies as attested by the fact that he had recently invited Western diplomats to a luncheon held at his residence where they wished him well in the forthcoming polls.

On one hand, Edgar Lungu and Inonge Wina are on infrastructure development message. Their message offering tested and trusted leadership branded as ‘team experienced’ and painting their opponents as ‘neophytes’ has resonated very well with voters who have liked the ‘Sontapo’ mantra that PF has offered.

On the other hand, UPND lacks a clear and concise strategy to win the August 11 polls.

Hichilema’s clarion call of ‘promises, promises, promises’, have never registered as a catch-phrase. And when he tried to change tact and talk about jobs by Anglo American on the Copperbelt he lost again.

His advisers also misled him on the country’s maize stocks issue, which scared the farming and business community. All these issues are ably being addressed by the PF policies and programmes and as such on many occasions the UPND team has found itself on the defensive on issues that it had raised itself.

Undeniably, PF are better packaged. As compared to UPND, PF comes out as experienced, authentic and capable of taking the country to the next level.

The body language also matters in this election campaign.

Edgar Lungu and Inonge Wina have connected very well with the populace. It’s not the same for the HH-GBM team. They’ve never gelled and most often they appear as if it is a one-man campaign thing.  Mubanga Luchembe,  LUSAKA

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