UPND will bring misery – Moono

THERE will be misery under the UPND leadership if they are voted into power, former UPND chairperson for security Captain Cosmas Moono has warned.

And Capt Moono has threatened to tell the nation all the secrets he knows about the UPND should its leadership continue to insult those who had decided to join the Patriotic Front (PF).

He was responding to Choma Central UPND aspiring candidate  Cornelius Mweetwa who said those who were busy endorsing the PF were rejects and were praising the PF because they were looking for political survival.

Mr Mweetwa was yesterday quoted in the Post Newspaper as saying the country was suffering because of ‘‘stupid politics and lack of proper policies by the PF government’’.

But Capt Moono, who until last month was a senior UPND member, described Mr Mweetwa’s outburst as highly provocative.

He said Mr Mweetwa could not survive anywhere else apart from Southern Province particularly in Choma.

“I am also from Choma, my family is right there in Choma; they are suffering because of characters like Mr Mweetwa who told them that he could not develop the constituency because he was in opposition,” he said.

Capt Moono said Mr Mweetwa was ‘‘a young boy’’ who was only excited because of his adoption on the UPND ticket.

“Otherwise the boy has no political backbone. He should understand that politics is about service. PF has built schools, roads, clinics, colleges and universities,” Capt Moono said.

He said the UPND was only pointing at mealie meal that it was very expensive forgetting that peasant farmers also needed to produce at a favourable profits.

Capt Moono wondered why UPND could not talk about bringing the cost of beef down when they were the major suppliers of beef to Zambeef.

“There will be more misery under the UPND leadership because the thinking of its leadership is upside down,” he said.

Capt Moono said even the 10-point plan which the party was talking about was a ‘‘copy and paste’’ of the Patriotic Front (PF) ideas.

He said ‘‘opposite forces meet equal forces’’, adding that the culture of insulting those who had defected to PF was wrong.

“We have a lot that we know about UPND but we don’t want to open our mouths now,” he said.

Capt Moono said Mr Mweetwa only joined UPND recently and should not think that those who joined the party a long time ago were foolish for ditching the party.

He said when Mr Mweetwa won the Choma Central seat he wanted to join the Patriotic Front when late president Michael Sata was the leader.

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  1. Lubanji moono kuti wakomena luyandika kusila bana shonto not as big as you are. Wakutubavbuu buu umvwa

  2. Lubanji ba-moono luyandika na bana basyonto not muntu mupati mbuli nduwe
    Come and represent PF in choma.moono wabalya banyoko

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