Utility provision talks set for Lusaka

THE International Growth Centre (IGC) will this month hold a forum duped Evidence for policy in electricity and water utility provision to help Government reform the policy on utility provision in Zambia.

The forum, based on a research and policy, would be organised and sponsored by the IGC and Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA) on June 21 in Lusaka.

The event would provide the public with an opportunity to discuss the results of the studies from the region by Professor Kelsey Jack of Tufts University who would be presenting her work.

The objective of the workshop was to create a forum to discuss how research could help reform policies on utility provision in Zambia.

To motivate the discussion, case studies of projects recently supported by IGC and IPA would be presented, and a panel of policy-makers in Zambia would share their views.

The studies to be presented were expected to cover a number of important topics in the water and electricity sectors, including how customers perceive prices and how they responded to changes in prices.

An in-depth presentation of recent findings from a study by Prof. Kelsey Jack and Mr. Grant Smith from the University of Cape Town would discuss the effect of prepaid electricity metering on electricity consumption, household welfare  and revenue in the City of Cape Town.

Given that prepaid electricity and water meters were currently also being used in Zambia, with plans to roll them out nationwide, the results from the study bear great relevance for stakeholders in Zambia.

The success of the workshop relied crucially on the participation of key experts.