Voters need message of hope, politicians urged

POLITICAL parties have been urged to give Zambians hope through their campaign messages if they are to attract voters, says Action Governance Forum executive director Justin Mushoke.

Mr Mushoke said now that all the political parties had successfully filed in their nominations, it was vital that their campaign messages were well structured to enable voters to make informed decisions.

He said politicians had a tendency of pointing fingers at each other when they realised that the political atmosphere was not in their favour.

He said lack of clear campaign messages by some politicians had ended up confusing voters, hence voting for incapable leaders who were not able to provide solutions to the country’s challenges.

“The political parties which have successfully filed in their nominations should carefully campaign so that voters can easily understand their campaign messages,” he said.

Mr Mushoke said it would be unfortunate to hear any political party which would campaign without a clear focus on issues affecting Zambians.

He advised voters to carefully listen and analyse campaign messages from various political parties, adding that voters should not be excited of campaign songs but instead should be able to interpret the messages which would be given to them by the parties campaigning for the 2016 general elections.

Mr Mushoke said there was also need for voters to carefully analyse some political leaders who were talking about issues they did not understand.

He said lack of knowledge on many issues of national interest by some political leaders was a serious problem for any nation, saying it was critical for candidates to be knowledgeable on various issues.

“The choice now lies in the hands of voters and it will be very important for the voters to start questioning some of the political leaders who will talk about things they are unable to do for them once voted into office.

‘‘Our organisation would like to inform voters not to vote for leaders who will make them regret after voting for them by failing to deliver because of the lack of capacity once given the power to govern this country,” he said.

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