Large political crowds deceiving


IT IS not a guarantee that a huge crowd at political rallies determines the winner, says Gallant Youth Zambia executive director Henry Mulenga.

He said, instead, Zambians themselves have the last say on who wins an election.

Mr Mulenga stated that the trend of using money and ferrying supporters to create the impression of grassroots support would cost some parties dearly.

He noted that some politicians were just crowd pullers and not voter pullers. Therefore, people should not be deceived by the crowds who sometimes only come to watch what was happening.

“Campaign period is a rare opportunity that calls a lot of people to come and watch but that does not mean that it is a sign of winning an election because most of the people in the crowd are not even voters,” Mr Mulenga said.

He advised politicians to stop politicising national issues when they come to the development of the nation.

Mr Mulenga said the selfishness exhibited by politicians had resulted in the large number of candidates participating in the election when they knew that they could not win.

He said there was nothing new which most of the candidates contesting for the presidency could tell Zambians because they knew what the Zambian people wanted.